Monday, February 24, 2014

An OH NO! kind of day!

Oh No! Look what I did to this poor plant. When my sister gave it to me the whole plant looked like the leaves on the right. With lots of tender loving care, I brought it back to life and it came with us to the desert. I have been so careful to keep it out of the sun until yesterday....... I sat it on the dashboard Saturday while I was cleaning my counters and forgot it. Today while reading Jim and Mary's Blog. She made a comment about hand watering some of her plants and it jogged my memory. I can salvage it, but it sure frustrated me that I forgot about the poor plant.

Oh No! The horseshoe buddies are back together again in the same park......with out their shirts.

OH NO! He hung two ugly, heavy bottles on each end of our awning. ( might want to click on the picture to see it up close)  It gets windy very fast here and for sure you never want to leave  your awning down over night or if you leave the park. You may not have it when you get back. I like things to look nice and pretty. But today, even though there wasn't nary a breeze, Joe was going to be away from the rig most of the day playing pickleball and pitching horse shoes and I can't put the awing down by myself. The heavy jugs (but not so heavy they damage the awning) helps stabilize it.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meeting Peter and Beatrix

In my last post I showed the  hat I bought and promised to show it again when I made it look more to my liking. If you click on the picture you will be able to see it up close. I went to JoAnn's and purchased some black lace and a bow that had a clip on it.  I attached the lace with two hat pins, one in front and one in back, clipped on the bow. Easy peasy. I have other options for my hat. One being a pretty lavender scarf that I can attach the same way  and tie a bow in the back.

I needed a small pan and found this at Ralph's (Kroegers)  It's perfect for one or two eggs. But the fun part of it was the spatula that came with it. Cute huh.

Love the Red.

New friends Dave and Marion also from Oregon, stopped by for a quick hello. The bike is a Tandem Recumbent style bike and the manufacturer is BikeE 

Last week we met George and Suzie of Our Awesome Travels. While visiting with them, George mentioned Peter and Bea of American Traveler were in Holtville, about three hours or so from where we were.  I have been following their blog for a year or so and never in my wildest dreams, because they live so far away from us, (Campobello Island where they live lies off the southeast end of New Brunswick and the Northeast tip of Maine) did I ever dream we could meet in person. So I fired off an email to them asking if we could possibly find a half way point and meet for lunch. Bea found a restaurant on line in Borrego Springs that accepts dogs on the dining patio. So we had lunch with them at  the Red Ocotillo.  What a delightful couple. The time went so fast. Peter took some great pictures and posted them on his blog American Traveler Thank you George and Suzzie for the heads up that they were so close.

There was a moderate wait time for our food but this is not a complaint. The food was wonderful and it gave us more than enough time to visit.

I hope Bea didn't tire of all my questions but that's how I get to know someone. And she has a wonderful story of how she and Peter met. 

This is Molly. So beautiful and such a lady. When we were seated, our waiter brought Molly a bowl of water and a bone and she thanked Bea with a high five.

After lunch and saying our goodbyes for now, Joe and I decided to go to Julian to buy a pie. It was only 22 miles from where we were......Bea told us it was winding and hilly.  I guess we just didn't get it.  20 mile and hour curves, steep drop offs and rock mountain sides, but  very beautiful scenery. When we arrived, there was no parking, lots of motorcycles, vehicles and people. There were a couple of horses tied to a hitching post, a llama for people to pet, carriages for rides.. I don't know if there was some sort of celebration going on or if that was just a ordinary Saturday. We finally parked in a lot that said Parking for Birdwatchers (a store for everything about birds) only.  So we locked the car, ran across the street, got our pie and hurried back to the Birdwatchers store. We went in the front door, looked as we went for the side door where we were parked and headed for home. By the way. The apple pie was "scrumpdillicious"

On the way home, our 2006 Chevy Malibu turned over One hundred thousand miles and she's still going strong.
I told Joe if God didn't stop giving us such beautiful sunsets we were going to wreck the car trying to take pictures while the car was moving. So  he stopped the car (no one was coming either direction) and took this picture.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hats and Fixing Things

Saturday I wrote about  the Reo. Sunday morning, as we came into the Grace Church parking lot, there was the Reo in its place of honor.  Yep, it's own special parking spot. It helps that the owner is Grace Church's Office Manager. I forgot to mention that at the car show Saturday, they had a raffle. Lots of nice gifts.  I don't usually do raffles, but this time I did $5.00 for seven tickets.  I won two tickets to the Palm Springs Air Museum  . Did that ever make Joe happy.  He loves that place and it was on our "bucket list" of things to do while we were here. By the way. Senior price for tickets.... $13 each.

After Church we headed out for The College of the Desert Street Fair.  Somethings have changed in the last few years since we were there.  Look just above the things hanging for sale, it looks like a huge carport. Well when college is in session, it is parking but those are all Solar Panels. Hundreds and hundreds of them. The COD Street Fair is held on the weekends and as many vendors as can fit under them, have extra protection from the hot sun. 

Our main goal for the afternoon was to buy hats to protect us from the sun. 

I'm not a lover of "selfys" but Joe is over at the club house playing Pinochle. This was my purchase for a hat. But I soon found out that bling doesn't necessarily make good protection from the sun.

So, because it was President's Day, COD was held over an extra day. Joe needed to exchange a purchase he made and then we headed back to where the hat's were. I don't like to wear hats, mainly because well, I just don't. But this time I bought something practical, not pretty. It's just like Joe's except mine is dark under the brim. It will give me more protection.  Next I will go to Michaels and buy some pretty ribbon I have in mind and I will make it a little more feminine. Another picture to come after I fix it up.
Now if you are wondering about the second part of my title, Here it is.Fixing Things
I have never met Welby personally, but I "know" her. I have read all her books, corresponded with her and she has been such an inspiration to me over the years.  I guess the reason for that is, in all the books she has written, she has "been there, done that". She had already walked the path I was walking at that time.  Can't recommend her books enough... and no, she didn't pay me to say this. In fact she doesn't even know I did it.  i was just so touched by her recent blog I just had to share it with you.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Car Show

Today was a special day. Joe's cousins entered their 1933 Reo in a Car Show in Desert Hot Springs, sponsored by the Elks

The really special thing about it is, the car was a gift to Rositta and Marty from her Dad. He bought it and over a seven year period restored it to what it is today.

and today he was here for the car show and witnessed Marty receiving a first place trophy for his division.

Proud owners in the rumble seat.

The following few pictures are winners in their respective divisions.

Of course Joe being the loyal person he is would mark #10 (the REO) as his first choice...... but his own personal first love.... this Oldsmobile.

And I had my first love too. He rides with his master, the owner of a Black Three Wheel Motorcycle like the orange one above. It was a fun day, getting to spend time with family. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Old Friends and New Blogger Friends

Yesterday started off with a trip to Ralph's Pharmacy to pick up my prescription.  Our Fred Meyer parking lots at home have some bushes and trees, but I like this scenery much better.

There are so many pretty flowers in the desert.

This is my friend Ruth Good.She and her husband George live on the left side of where our motor home is parked. After being here for a week already, we finally got a chance to sit down and visit for an hour or so. Ruth and I have a connection with the fact for years, she played the piano where my sister attends church.  Ruth's son at one time taught the Sunday School class we attended when we visited Jan.  I was thrilled to see she was still in fairly good health and was still our "next door neighbor" here at Catalina Spa.  She plays the piano for the Jam sessions on Sunday.

It was pretty hot here yesterday, (90) and I looked across the way at the pond, and look who was sunning himself! I've been told there are two adult turtles and a baby turtle in the pond. There are also schools of little fish, about three inches long in there. Lots of ducks roam around there too.

This morning, Valentines Day, Joe had me playing hide and seek before we ate breakfast.  He had hidden my Valentine gift (s). The wrapping was so pretty I hated to open them.  He blessed me with a pretty Black Hills  Gold necklace and earrings

Next on the agenda today was a Pickleball tournament followed by a Valentine's pot luck lunch. It was good seeing friends we hadn't seen in six years or so. By the way, Joe won three and lost two.

The biggest, most special happening of the day was meeting George and Suzie Yates. I knew they were in our park and today they stopped by to say hi for a few minutes and we had so much fun visiting with them the time got away from us and they were here for over and hour.  I had so much I wanted to know about his cooking. It always looks so good you can almost eat it off the screen. I think we're pretty convinced we're going to get a Weber Q 100. Thanks George for telling us in your blog where to find Marilyn. She would probably turn over in her grave if she knew she weighed 34,000 pounds! It was an honor to meet you and Suzie and hope we cross paths again soon.

Just before sundown, Joe asked me to play a game of miniature golf.  Oh, I love that game!! We had a terrific time but I think I had better keep my game to just putting.  Some of those holes took me 6-8 tries.  Ole Joe even got a hole in one.

This was harder than it looks, but I did OK on this one.

One last picture.  Joe and I were sitting outside in our chairs. And a bird was way up high in the tree beside us singing the most beautiful song. Joe would sort of whistle and the bird would sing back.  I grabbed my camera, extended the zoom as far as possible and this was the little guy/gal that was singing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Joe, We Have Company!!!

Joe had just come back from playing pickle ball and this big silver looking truck pulled up. I looked closer and I recognized that white beard and the two mutzos in the back seat. Rick, Molly and Rylie had come for a visit. 

We were thrilled. Rylie and Molly were perfect pups while we were visiting. For those of my family and friends who are wondering who Rick is, He's one of our blogger friends and also a huge help when I'm having computer problems. He and his wife Paulette are wintering down the road from us. In our visit today, we talked about how fun it would be if those of us bloggers who are in the area could get together in one place for a visit. Thank you Rick for coming our way. We really enjoyed our visit with you. And Rylie and Molly, you come visit again too.

After we said goodbye to Rick we decided to go to Niiland, close to the Saltan Sea to visit friends who are staying at Bashfords RV Resort  near there. On the way we passed many date palm groves.

This is just a small view of the Salton Sea

My friend for over 40 years, Karin.

We laugh because we just live across the Willamette River from each other in Oregon and only get together a couple times a year and in CA. we drive an hour and a half for a short visit. It was a fun afternoon with them. 

They gave us a tour of their park. Of interest to us were these baths which are called pots. The mineral water flows from 530 feet deep within in the earth  at the foot of the  Chocolate Mountains into the parks well at 150 degrees where it is cooled and piped into the pots. When you get in the pot, if the temperature isn't to you liking you can add hot or cold water to your comfort. When your done you clean the pot, pull the plug and reset the plug and it fills back up again. 

The sun setting on the Chocolate Mountains

We said our goodbyes, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset all the way back to  Palm Springs where we had supper at Hibachi City Buffet before getting a few groceries and heading home.

It was beautiful to see so many changes in colors

I was enjoying a visit on the phone with my sister. Joe stopped the car right on the road, (no one was coming either direction) and took these pictures.

Beautiful aren't they.
As I was taking my walk this morning I noticed the very fragrant flowers along side the clubhouse.  Can anyone tell me their name please?  Thanks in advance.