Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today was Joe's last day of work. As I opened the door to greet him this is what I saw.  I think the smile on his face says it all.  We will be on the road soon. We have the heat pump on the house serviced tomorrow,  Tuesday we  take the Motor home to the Cummins Service Center/Northwest on Swan Island to have the fuel pump on the generator replaced. I'm so thankful it's under warranty. We will be on our way to the desert soon via the coast route.
A celebration supper at Sweet Tomatoes.  A big thank you to Miramont Pointe. Among wonderful gifts in a basket given to him for being November employee of the month was a gift certificate to Sweet Tomatoes. we are lookin forward to meeting blogger friends who might be at Catalina Spa or Desert Pools in Desert Hot Springs or TT Palm Springs in Palm Springs in the next couple of months.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Visiting Whatcom and Skagit Counties in Washington State

Mt. Baker in the background

This past weekend we  took a trip to the Northwestern part of Washington State. My sister in law lives in Lynden and will be moving to Abbotsford, BC soon. We wanted to visit her before she moved. So we drove to Bonney Lake, WA, picked up my sister and off we went to Lynden. 

The only down side of the trip was it was foggy all weekend. Sometimes it was so foggy we could hardly see in front of us. I love old barns and houses. There are many potato farms in Skagit county. This is one of the fields.

I wish these old buildings could talk. I bet they would have wonderful stories to tell

We arrived in Lynden at noon and Blanche had a wonderful lunch waiting for us.  Pasta Fagioli Soup (just like Olive Garden) and biscuits with home made Strawberry Freezer Jam. If you would like the recipe you can either email me or FB message me and I will be happy to give it to you.  I haven't figured out how to link up a document on here.
After lunch, with Mr. Joe as our chauffeur, we went for a ride to Sumas, 

Taken from the Internet
one of the border crossings into Canada.
then it was on to a ride in the country. We happened on to Cedar Springs a christian retreat center. Beautiful, groomed grounds.
For supper Blanche served us Turkey Crunch Casserole. My Oh My was it ever good.  Again, if you want the recipe you can FB message me or email me.After the table was cleared, and the dishes washed and put away, we settled down for an evening of Skip-Bo.
Saturday morning on our way home, we took a little driving tour of the Fairhaven Historical District in Bellingham. This is the Roland G Gamewell Home.

When we left Bellingham, we took Highway 11 also known as Chuckanut Rd. 20 miles or so of some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. Highway caution signs suggest that large trucks or RVs not take this road.

Sometimes the road got very windy and very narrow.  Can you see the fog ahead?

My sister is the adventurer in the family.

You could hardly tell where the water ended and the sky began. But even gray, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

Mr. Joe taking in the beauty

This was the view to the right of where Joe is standing.

The roots of this tree were wrapped all around a huge bolder
These are trumpeter swans,  They mostly reside in Alaska and northern British Columbia, they migrate to the Puget Sound region each winter.  I read they eat in the fields then fly to a different area to rest.

Read more here:
This is the Nakashima Farm. The story is such a sad one. and can be found here
This is the original barn. The farm has trails that you can walk, bike, run...... So peaceful and beautiful.

There are only two Golden Corrals in Washington. One in Spokane and one right here in Marysville. A couple of much loved friends gave us gift cards to the Golden Corral for Christmas. The place was packed by the food was worth waiting for.

In closing, yesterday, I had errands to run in Oregon City. The elevation is higher than where we live in Milwaukie.  I knew it was cold when I got up, but in OC I parked right in front of this bush it had a beautiful coat of frost.  Can any one tell me the name of this bush?

Joe works tomorrow and Sunday. Then 
 the dreams of traveling become reality once again.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Prayer and Potatoes

Hi Blogger friends,

Joe and I have been down sizing, cleaning out closets, making trips to Goodwill, filling garbage cans.. you know how that goes.  I came across some poems, and writings. I don't know where they came from, or how I acquired them (I'm thinking they might have been my mom's, but they were in among  a huge amount of papers I had stored away on a shelf. This one really tugged at my heart strings, probably because one of the things I love to do the most is pray. But it made me stop and think, how many times, have I said when someone shared a need or situation they wanted me to pray about, that I did.........but when I thought about it, I had plenty of "potatoes" I could have shared with them. I was right there. I could have helped. So my goal this year is to not just pray but if I can, to help meet that need. Be it just being a better listener, visiting a lonely widow, helping a mom haul her groceries to her car so she has better control of the three kids tagging along behind. Does my neighbor need a ride to a Dr. appt?  Does the neighbor next to her need a break from caring for her bed ridden mom even if it's just to go get the mail or a McDonalds coffee?   I just want to make sure they "get the potatoes"  :)  


An old woman sat in her old armchair, with wrinkled visage and disheveled hair.
For days and for weeks her only fare, as she sat in her old armchair, had been potatoes.
But now they were gone-----for bad or good, not one was left for the old lady’s food.
And she sighed and said, “What shall I do? To whom shall I go for more Potatoes?”
And she thought of the deacon over the way, the deacon so ready to worship and pray,
Whose cellar was full of potatoes.
And she said: “I will send for the deacon to come: he’ll not mind much to give me some of such a store of potatoes.”
And the deacon came over as fast as he could, thinking to do the old lady some good,
But he never once thought of potatoes.
He asked her at once what was her chief want; and she, simple soul, expecting a grant, immediately answered “potatoes”
But the deacon’s religion didn't lie that way.
He was more accustomed to preach and to pray;
So, not hearing, of course what the old lady said,
He arose to pray with uncovered head; but she only thought of potatoes.
He prayed for patience and wisdom and grace;
But when he prayed, “Lord give her peace,” she audibly sighed.
And at the end of each prayer which he said,
He heard, in its stead, the same request for potatoes.
The deacon was troubled---knew not what to do.---
“Twas very embarrassing to have her act so about
“those carnal potatoes” So, ending his prayer, he
Started for home; but as the door closed behind him he heard
A deep groan, “Oh, give to the hungry potatoes!”
And that groan followed him all the way home;
 in the midst of the night it haunted his room
He could bear it no longer, arose and dressed-
From his well-filled cellar
Taking in haste a bag of his best potatoes.
Again he went to the widow’s lone hut;
Her sleepless eyes she had not yet shut.
And there she sat in that old armchair, with the same
Wan features, the same sad air.
And entering in, he poured on the floor
A bushel or more from his goodly store of choicest potatoes. 
The widow’s heart leaped up for joy!
Her face was haggard and wan no more. “Now,”
said the deacon, “shall we pray?”
“yes”, said the widow, “now you may.”
And he kneeled him down on the sanded floor where he
had poured his bountiful store. And such a prayer the deacon prayed
as never before his lips essayed; no longer embarrassed, but free and full,
he poured out the voice of a liberal soul.
And the widow responded a loud “Amen!” but said no more of potatoes.
And would you, who hear this simple tale,
Pray for the poor, and praying, “prevail?”
Then preface your prayers with alms and good deeds;
Search out the poor, their wants and their needs.
Pray for peace, and grace, and spiritual food,
For wisdom, and guidance, for all these are good:
But don’t forget the potatoes.
                            G. Petee (1876)
This century-old sermon in verse was preserved by Ross Brown Wood, an early Disciples settler in Deer Lodge, Montana.  Mrs. Wood died in the 1950’s at the age of 100. The poem is as relevant today as it was then.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beautiful January Sunset

With cold, snowy weather over a large portion of our country, I just had to share our Oregon Sunset tonight. It's 5:45 PM and  44 degrees at the moment. It is suppose to start raining later this evening. I had been inside a good portion of the day and when I walked outside to put some things in the car, this is what I saw. I ran back inside and grabbed my camera. The colors were even more brilliant than this.

I love the Lord's handiwork.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I wanted to update those of you who knew that Joe came home from work sick on Sunday. A nasty bug is going around this area. Fever, cough, loss of appetite, lethargic and he had it all.  But this morning I think he turned the corner. The fever is gone, the coughing is less, still not much of an appetite, but he is being careful to drink fluids. This morning he rearranged some pictures on the hallway wall for me in preparation of more being added in a few months, but after that he made a "beeline" for his recliner and has been there ever since, trying to watch the Rose Bowl game but dozes in between. He wasn't able to work Monday, Tuesday or Today, and is thankful he has until next Monday to get back on his feet.