Wednesday, December 11, 2013

His Ways Are Not Necessarily Our Ways

Well that was a short retirement. Joe went back to work at 8:00AM today. The roads were treacherous. Freezing fog and 28 degrees. 

He isn't back at work permanently just on call..... and they called. I needed the car today so I had to drive back in this. Very carefully. I have spent most of the last two weeks battling a sinus infection but I'm pretty much over it now, feeling great and sleeping good again.

This is his boss Shelly. Do you think she was happy to have him back?

I'm thinking those are tears of joy and relief. 

This little Poster was hanging over his desk.

I took this picture from the foyer, looking down the wing where the activities office. But lets get on with other news.  Our travel plans have changed. We will not be going South this winter. More on that later. We didn't put up a tree or decorate the house this year because we weren't going to be home. Then the deep freeze hit and we were "stuck" here. Highways to the beach, freeways, they were all a mess. So I have really enjoyed others decorations. The best part........I don't have to put anything away when Christmas is over.

This beautiful grand piano sits right in the center of the foyer where Joe works. It is also a player piano, remote control even.

We are very OK with the direction The Lord is leading us. Both of us feel a real sense of peace.
 Right out side the front door of Miramont is a beautiful fountain/waterfall. I think it is even more beautiful when the water freezes. 

This is the back side of the fountain and what you see when you open the front doors of the building.

The entrance to Miramont is like a circle. You pull up to the front doors, Load or unload passengers, then as you leave you go past this little area where on a nice day residence can sit outside and enjoy the view and the weather. But today was a beautiful, biting cold, silver looking day.

After dropping Joe off I headed slowly (no one was going very fast) for Costco to finish up our Christmas shopping and get gas. ($3.09 for regular gas)  Driving in this kind of weather isn't my favorite thing  but with the Lord's help, I got the errands done and had no issues at all. By noon, the roads were clear even though the trees and bushes remained icy.

So for those of you who are wondering what are we going to do now, well we plan on spending more time in Washington, with Joe's son and daughter and the grand kids, and my sister.  In April we will be in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. When we get home we're going to roam the back roads all over Oregon and Washington. I'm going to enjoy being around my kids and grand kids more, and great grand kid number seven will be here the end of June or first part of July .Joe wants to attend a Graffis reunion in Fargo, North Dakota August 4th. Our birthdays are the 8th and 12th so that will be a fun birthday. We still have dreams and plans of being in the desert next winter. We'll just have to wait and see what the Lord has in mind by then. But I can tell you, the wheels on the RV are going to go round and round in the mean time. :)