Thursday, November 7, 2013

Employee of the month and "Never in a million years"

Mr. "G" with his gift basket and gift card to Olive Garden for being employee of the month at Miramont Pointe Retirement Center. Joe's retirement date was originally set for the 2nd week of January but today  we were delighted to hear, they have hired his replacement, and after a two week training period, Joe will be able to retire. This would be around the end of November.  To say we are thrilled would be an understatement.

On another subject, do any of you go to "The Big White Tent" event that deals with everything about RVs  in Quartzite during the winter season?  I am a bit confused. We thought that was always the first week in February but in my googling the subject it appears its the third week in January this year.  Can anyone give me correct information on this?

We have had a few full days, preparing for Viola's Celebration of Life Service on Sunday. It seems to be coming together nicely and for that we are truly grateful. Joe's son and daughter will be here tomorrow afternoon. Joe's family is very involved in the service. His cousin will be officiating, his daughter and two cousins will be providing the music. The cake we ordered for the reception following, was a result of one of the last conversations Viola had with her sister.  She said she liked white cake with lemon filling. So white cake with lemon filling is what was ordered. ...with white cream frosting, purple flowers and an inscription that reads "Happy 99th Birthday in Heaven" Purple was her favorite color. We went shopping today for a new lavender shirt an tie for Joe. I already had a purple sweater. The casket piece is also filled with purple flowers. 

I had a good laugh today when I called the shop where our RV is at the moment having new privacy curtains installed.  They also winterized the rig and I had to tell them to "unwinterize it"   In a million years we would  never have dreamed  our lives would change so fast. We plan on staying close to home until after Christmas. Then we think we will "be gone" for a few weeks. We want to have solar panels installed down near Niland, CA at some point, and we would love to "to the Big White Tent" also.