Friday, October 4, 2013

A Fall Tradition

Today was our annual trek to Bauman Farms.

Weighing in pumpkins for the greatest pumpkin contest. The gentleman leaning against the trailer has had the honor of winning that contest for the last few years.

Every where you look are bins of pumpkins for sale.

There were many activities for the kiddos.

This was the cutest little girl. If you look closely, there are "bumps" on the slide and she started squealing at the top and every bump made her little squeal jump. The large black tube was another slide and boy did the kids whiz through that! And a couple dads really went flying down that tube.

There was an Apple Cannon and an Apple Slingshot

There was also a zip line

These cornstalks were arranged so the kids could crawl through the maze.

There were squash with "warts" on them, small pumpkins,

even white pumpkins? They look like pumpkins anyway

We loved the hay ride

On the hay ride we saw a lot of greenhouses full of mums beautiful mums.

At the end of the ride, this barn was full of swings and a line of kids waiting to get on one.

Tomorrow, around noon, a large crane is going to drop a 1000 pound pumpkin on this stripped down van. Wish we could have been there to see that!
These adorable little Pygmy goats are so friendly. There are food boxes on the posts and for a quarter you can buy a handful of food pellets
Like a "good boy" Joe washed his hands after visiting the Animals
These mums were on sale. Buy one get one free. And boy were they moving them out of there. It seemed every other one we saw was pushing a wheelbarrow with mums in it.

These little pygmy goats were so cute! There were also calves, geese, ducks and a large resident black bunny with a floppy ear.

Next we headed for the store and bakery. And I'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves

We made sure we got the famous Apple Cider Donuts, Pumpkin cake and

Yes, old fashion Apple Cider made right there at Bauman Farms. OK now I have a little confession to make. We made our purchases, headed for the car and by the time we got there,(and it wasn't that far either) the sack of donuts (six to a bag) ..........had only one left in it. We decided right then and there, we needed to go back. It is one way in and out. So we went out, turned right instead of left and went back in and purchased another 2 bags of donuts, and another quart of that wonderful apple cider. You have to shake the cider each time you pour because of the pulp in the bottom.  I like mine hot or cold. How about you?

Remember I told you there was a mum sale going on?  As we were leaving, here came the "train" replenishing the stands left empty by the great sale.

As we were leaving these Pumpkin People were along the side of the drive.

On the other side was a reminder to take home all the children you brought.

This little guy telling us goodbye was standing along side a variety of apple trees.