Monday, September 23, 2013

Saying Goodbye to a new Blogger Friend and Hello to New Jersey Tomatoes

After Joe got off work this evening, we drove over to Clackamette RV Park to say goodbye to Mary-Pat and Lacy. They are off on the next leg of their journey tomorrow and we wish them safe and happy travels. It's  nice that we are an electronic generation and can keep up with their travels via the Internet.

It seems all is well now with the smart car . We are meeting another blogger friend from Texas for dinner Wed. evening. Stay tuned for  pictures from that occasion.
This is my friend Nancy. I also met her via the Internet. She is one of  4 administrators on a group I follow. Over the past year, we have become very good friends. I feel like I've gained another  "daughter". One day, we were visiting via text and she asked me if I had ever tasted New Jersey Tomatoes.  I hadn't and wondered what was so different about them than tomatoes from any other state.

Today, this package arrived in the mail. If you guessed it was a box of tomatoes, you would be right. Grown in her garden, shipped to my house. I was so excited when the yellow card was in my P.O. box telling me I had a package, I told my friend who works at the PO counter, "Arlene, they are  tomatoes all the way from New Jersey. I don't know what makes them any different from Oregon tomatoes"  And a lady standing in line spoke up and said "I do, they're sweeter"!! She was from New Jersey and I think she was as excited about the New Jersey Tomatoes as I was. 

They arrived in perfect condition. wrapped in a grocery bag, and mini air bags all around the bag. She sent four ripe ones, two in the process of ripening and four green ones with instructions on making sure I just set them in the window sill until they were nice and red.  Sorry Nancy, I don't have window sills in my house, but they are sitting on the kitchen counter as close to the window as I can get them.

Joe pronounced the ripe ones "wonderful"! He's a North Dakota boy and I guess they like sugar on their tomatoes, but he said these were great with out sugar.


This was Joe's Supper

and this was mine, along with some sliced cucumbers and a protein drink. Soooo good. Thank you so much dear friend. I just wish you were closer so I could give you a ((((((((((hug))))))))))) but this will have to do.