Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Can't Believe I Really Did This, But Then Again.............................

Thursday eve I was "catching up" on my blog reading after a busy week. I had been following Mary-Pat's blog,
Butterflies and Heart Songs  and the problem she was having  with her smart car. The last I read, she was staying at Milo McIver State Park. Now I was reading she had moved to Clacamette RV Park which is about  5 minutes from our house. It's 8:00 in the evening, and I got this crazy idea in my head. So I talked Joe into  going with me, and off we went to meet Mary-Pat.  I knocked on her door and she opened it, thinking it was the park manager.......surprise..... I told her who I was and that I had been following her blog for quite a while and just wanted to stop by and see if she needed anything ( I thought the smart car was still in the shop until we drove up and saw it parked behind her Flair) We told her we were going to Camping World in the morning and if she cared to ride along, we'd love to have her join us.

We headed for Camping World with lists, and came out with most everything we needed.

Shopping makes me hungry so we took our new friend Mary-Pat to lunch at Tebo's, one of our favorite places to eat. She had a french dip, I had half a grilled tuna sandwich and a cup of clam chowder, and Joe had his regular burger and fries. Both Jo and Mary-Pat had Tebo's well known strawberry shortcake. No, I didn't go without. I always take a few bites of Joe's

So, today Joe and his friend Russ are at a horseshoe tournament in Olympia, Washington and Mary-Pat and I headed for Bob's Red Mill. 

It appears she is enjoying shopping. It was really busy there today.

We worked up an appetite from looking and shopping, so we ordered healthy chicken salad sandwiches and juice, and enjoyed getting better acquainted over lunch. I really admire her adventurous spirit! When I started my blog, in my profile I wrote, " Until we are able to travel again, we enjoy traveling through your eyes, reading about all the wonderful places you have visited"  It has been such a joy to meet yet another blogger who has showed us through pictures and words, places we hope to see someday.  Happy and Safe travels to you Mary-Pat. You go girl!!