Sunday, September 8, 2013

Yesterday, My Grandson Married His Best Friend

Jesse and his pastor

His niece was their flower girl

She thinks she is a princess so this occasion just reinforced that thought

Ooops she dropped a rose bud she wanted to save

Here comes their 10 month old son who is the ring bearer. His auntie is operating the remote control

No sitting down for him! He stood up and hung on to the steering wheel  all the way down to daddy.

The bride and her mother

Because she did such a good job, she was awarded her crown and scepter

Picture time. What a trusting gal she is

Time to get out of those beautiful teal pumps and into brand new teal Nikes

Grandma with  two of her granddaughters

Introducing the bride and groom

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse and Alyssa Hall

Proud Grandparents

Showing Great Grandpa Joe her scepter

Mr. Bronson and GG