Thursday, August 22, 2013

More from our weekend in Bend

I only had my iPhone to post my blog last week so here are a few pictures from our trip to Bend

My sister was here to help us celebrate our birthdays so she got to go to Bend with us. She looks comfortable enough and yes, she had her seat belt on.

We were in I loop, clear in the "back forty" and loved it there.

We were within walking distance to the bathrooms and  it was a nice walk to the activities although we took the car down sometimes too.

Jan is so much fun to have on a trip with us. 

Before we left I took a few pictures of the park for those who have never been there. These are the horseshoe pits.

The welcome center where we register

The little horseshoe cafe

Looking towards the store

The Library

The Country Store

This body of water was full of frogs. Very peaceful and serene

Pickleball/Tennis Courts

This is the family pool.  I took the pictures before it opened for the day.

And this is the adult pool

There is opportunities to rent kayak's and canoes.

The Lodge where weekend meals are served, church services held, and  member meetings are held. It is a large, very nice  building

This is looking in to the end of the welcome center.  We thought the grounds were beautiful, and fun, and the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

On the way home we stopped at a rest stop along the Deschutes River. It is also one of the places rafts are launched.This particular party was loading up for a camping/rafting trip. A prefab platform was attached to the raft and every thing you see on the ground was loaded on to it.  A second raft held the rafters and their guide.