Saturday, June 29, 2013

It was a busy day at the Graffis house.

 Joe has been waiting for a nice day to get on the roof and paint that white board just below the roof.  Over the years it has gotten ugly with black marks from debris from rain running off the roof.

Getting close to the end of that project and the sun was getting hotter.

 Nice Burn.
 Last year I did my best to thin out our lace leaf maple that is over 40 years old. But alas, I didn't do a great job... I did expose the "bones" which is where the beauty of the tree is suppose to be.  Well my friend Ruth's son has a nursery and one of his specialties is the lace leaf maple. Over the years, Ruth has learned to thin the maples the correct way.  She offered to come over and help get our tree back into shape.  The idea is to be able to see day light through the tree.  By next year, the branches will be longer, and eventually will look like the tree we want it to be.
 Nice to see daylight through the branches now.
Eventually the leaves will come down to the last curved bones. Looking more like a beautiful umbrella.