Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meeting New Blogger Friends

I've been following Laurie and George's  "Owens on the Road" blog for a while. One day while I was reading their blog I noticed they were headed for Hebo, Oregon. HEBO??? What on earth would they be  doing there? They didn't mention they had family there. You see I lived there back in the late 60's and I knew for a fact there isn't much there.  At that time there was a grade school, a church, a sports shop, a small restaurant and a service station. My brother one time was coming to visit us and asked how he'd find me.  I told him Stop at the Y and holler and I'd hear him. He did......and I did.  The little berg is actually that small. We were there because at that time my former husband was in the Air Force, stationed at the Hebo Radar Station. I called my mom when we first arrived and told her Hebo was so small I had to tell God where it was........Well, I contacted Laurie and told her the story about our living there and they actually don't live right in Hebo but South of town at the Cedar Creek Fish Hatchery. I thought it would be fun to try and connect with them before summer was over and they were gone.  Well today, was the day.  We got to meet Laurie and George. They were kind enough to come closer to our home for lunch so we wouldn't be gone to long from Viola.  They were so easy to visit with and after five minutes it felt like we had known them for ever. 

We are looking forward to taking a Sunday Drive to the fish hatchery to see where they live and work.