Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quite an array of pictures today

Happy 92 Birthday to my momma (Friday, June 21st). This is the 2nd year she has celebrated it in Heaven.

 Being a single mom, raising three kiddos by herself she always dreamed of having a retreat, a place to go where she could fish, walk in the woods, listen to the birds. So my sister and I picked out this Thomas Kincaid picture for her memorial folder. She would have loved it here. "I Can Only Imagine" the retreat she must be enjoying now!
 On the way home from visiting a friend of ours we saw this doe standing there watching us while she was munching on some leaves. Can you see her? ( click to enlarge the picture then maybe you can)
 Further down the road were some mini burros
 This one must have had an "itchy" back because he kept rolling back and forth in the dirt.
 We were North bound on I-205 this evening and heading right towards these mean looking clouds. At this point, they were right over  the Oregon City/Milwaukie area but it never did rain on us. I'm sure someone got dumped on though!

 As we turned into our mobile home park, the clouds were still hanging over us but still no rain. It just went around us.