Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Five Days Of Fun

Joe and I were able to take a little vacation this past week. We spent the first three days at the Columbia Riverfront RV Park, Woodland Washington. Exit 22 off I-5 Our RV faced the river. The lots are set up so you can either back or pull straight in. ( according to the best view from your rig.)

We are facing the front of our rig here.

 I think  part of  the smiles came from the knowledge of knowing the sun was going to shine the days we were there.
There was an abundance of river traffic,
At night, we could hear the drone of the huge engines as the ships passed by
There were incredible sunsets
The first morning I fixed Joe waffles for breakfast
Then it was off to toss a few horse shoes.
While he was doing that I took pictures of what I saw along the river where I was sitting

I'm sitting on a lawn bench with my feet up on the fire pit. The only place fires are allowed are in these fire pits along the river bank.
There were plenty of sailboats, motor boats with fisherman dreaming of catching the big one.
There were many huge stumps that had been tossed up on the beach after a winter storm

I loved sitting in this chair. I didn't think it would be comfortable but it really was
When we first got there, someone told us where to find an Osprey and her babies so we took a walk down the beach and sure enough there she was, in her huge nest atop a piling.

My hair doo was compliments of the wind. It was windy most of each day then would be still in the evening.
Fishermen lined the waters edge fishing for what ever was legal to catch.
Joe was interested in what looked like bees but they couldn't fly. 
This gives a good picture of "park so you have the best view"

Taking a walk around the park
Lawn Chess any one?
The office included a well equipped convenience store 
The swimming pool which opened for the season while we were there, but too cold for us.
Joe said it doesn't get any better than this....
These two gals, had a lot of fun and laughs riding the horse in and out of the water.

Some had fun flying their kites. I was a bit disappointed because I too am a kite flyer. But I keep mine in the trunk of the car, and we didn't tow this weekend.
Joe decided to pitch a few more shoes before we left Sunday Morning. He wasn't impressed with the pits as they were gravel. 
Sunday afternoon we parked at my sister's house and Joe's family took us to dinner at Mazatlan Restaurant to celebrate Father's Day.
Monday my sister took us to The Windmill in Sumner, Washington where I picked up my favorite tea, Pochong Oolong Coconut. Then we went on to Vassy's Nursery in Puyallup. It was one of the nicest ones I've seen in the area.
The hanging baskets were beautiful

My sister in law, Blanche came to visit while we were at Jan's. She will be moving to Canada before to long so it was nice to spend some time with her.
Tuesday, Joe's almost 99 year old mom took a day trip with her sister and niece to see family in Redmond. They have an abundance of lambs at the moment and she really enjoyed getting to see them.