Thursday, May 30, 2013


Joe has had his CPAP mask for over a year now and it hasn't been with out some struggles. So today he had an appointment with the respiratory therapist that follows him. He suggested Joe might try using a different type of mask.

This new type of mask only covers the nose. The chin strap helps with the snoring. WARNING!! BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN ANY FURTHER, LOTS OF BRAGGING ABOUT SOME OF MY GRANDCHILDREN tonight.

Tonight was the year end review for the students at the Master School of Arts Five of my grandchildren are involved there. Three of them are instructors (past students) and two are still in the program as students. This part of the review included singing, instrumental, dancing and videos, and claymation made by the students.
While waiting for the review to start, another grandson who came to see the review was showing me pictures he took while in Arizona. My blogger isn't working right tonight. The picture below isn't the best but it is of one of the grandsons receiving his teaching certificate from MSOA after five years of studies. Pretty proud of him.

The grand daughter, not to be out done, is walking in the footsteps of her brothers. She didn't do music or dance this term but instead concentrated on her art. This class required her to do a self portrait.
Her pencil drawing

I'm not to sure but I think this  is a water color. The rest of the art work is by three of her older brothers.

I can't take pictures of writing, but I'm also very proud of a grand daughter who teaches writing there. Leesha not only teaches there, she works two other jobs while going to college. She is a poet at heart. One day I will post one of her writings.