Monday, May 27, 2013

Are Doctors Getting Younger Or Am I Getting Older?

No pictures today. Just a thought or two. My primary care physician has referred me to a gastrointerologist to find out why my liver enzymes are elevated. He said it is not grossly so, but gets a little higher each three month period I go back for my routine blood work. His thought would be that being diabetic, over weight and high cholesterol fatty tissue in the liver is the cause, but he wants to be sure. But here is my thought.  The G.I.Dr. I have had for many years and his partner, both retired. After the doctors office called and set up my appointment for July 15th, I googled this new Dr. I'm suppose to see.  What a surprise. The gentleman is only 36 years old!! Good grief. My kids are older than that. So I called the office back. "Is there a Dr that is older than 36 in your office? The answer was no. She paused for a minute and said "Don't you think your previous Dr. "who shall not be named" was 36 once? Well when I think about it that way, I suppose so. So I will keep my appointment with this young Doctor. The older I get, the younger those doctors look. Hmmmmmmm