Monday, May 6, 2013

Reno Comes Calling

Sunday was a wonderful day. It started out with dropping Joe off at work, hurry back home to get Viola up and ready for the day including her breakfast, then jump back in the car and head to McDonald's for  coffee  with the girlfriend. Then it was off to Sunday School and Church. After church we joined three other Senior couples at Dairy Queen for the $5.00 lunch.We were having so much fun visiting, time got away from me. I just had barely enough time to get home, check on Viola, pick up a few things around the house, before our friends from Nevada called and asked if I was home yet. Whew, that was cutting it close
 Warren and Alycia live on a mountain top in Reno. It is very secluded, quiet and peaceful. At night, it is so clear that it feels like you could reach out and grab one of those shinning stars.
 I asked her if they had garden and the reply was they don't grow rabbit food. It took me a minute but then I remembered all the wild rabbits when we visited them there a few years. Alycia said before they left for Washington, a couple of deer came right up on their porch. Now I don't mind those types of wild life, but when we were there, I opened the sliding patio door and to my surprise there was a very long rattle snake sunning himself on the patio!!!!!!It took me maybe a split second to make it from there to the furtherest corner of the house screaming all the way!!! They couldn't get me out of the corner until the situation had been taken care of.

   They surprised Joe by riding with me to pick him up. So he gave them a quick tour of what he does and then we were off to an early supper at Milwaukie Changs Mongolian Grill The food was soo good. We were there almost two hours eating and catching up with each others "going's on" Then it was back  to our house for a couple of hours of playing Five Crowns, a game we taught them. If you haven't heard of it, it's sort of like Rummy. We said our goodbyes around 11:00PM, they went back to their motel and left for home early this morning.
This morning as we were turning into Miramonte where Joe works, one of the residents was out walking her dog. The resident waved at Joe and apparently said his name. "Sampson" got so excited she tried to wrap her leash around her owners legs.  Joe parked the car and walked over to Sampson and they had the best good morning greeting.  There is a great love relationship between those two. Doesn't it look like Sampson is almost smiling he's so happy???
It's a glorious sun shinny day today. Have a wonderful day where ever you are today or what ever the weather may be.