Friday, April 12, 2013

A Day Trip To Long Beach, Washington

I'd like to invite you to take a day trip with us to Long Beach, Washington. We'll be heading North on I-5 to Longview, then heading west on  Washington Highway 4  to Long Beach.

There were many logging trucks on the road today

I have never seen Willapa Bay this low. Today was a very low tide.
Kelly and Hoi and the kids limited out digging their clams early this morning before we got there.

We arrived in Long Beach at 10:30 AM and connected with Joe's daughter and husband, and the two grand kiddos at the Long Beach Bakery. If you are ever in Long Beach, and you have never tried the bakery.... it's a must. No problem how to find it. Just ask any of the locals. And there's no other bakery like it! I brought home a large loaf of my favorite, Black Rye.


Then it was a walk over to the park to exercise off some of those calories they just consumed at the bakery.

After a wonderful family time we had to say goodbye to them and head back to Portland. We drove South towards Seaside, with side trips into Astoria  and the Young's Bay area,Warrenton, and Gearhart so Joe could show us the old Greyhound routes back in the days when the buses still did local routes.

We had supper at Camp 18 Restaurant on highway 26

A warm fire greeted us inside

The very heavy doors into the restaurant

Playing a table game while waiting for my supper

This was Joe's Senior Roast beef.... if that was a small order he said he was sure glad he didn't order the regular.

And finally, This was a gift from my honey today. It has special meaning for us because we have traveled part of Route 66 and some day plan on  traveling the rest of it..... oh and special too because I'm Betty. Thank you for coming along with us today. I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did.