Sunday, March 24, 2013


On Thursdays I take Viola for her weekly hair appointment and during that hour sometimes I just go down to the river and watch what's happening  there. This particular day, this is was I saw. It was pouring down rain. This is truly a hardy Oregonian fisherman...

My Hyacinths are sort of scraggly this year but they sure have a nice fragrance to them.

All twelve of the trumpet daffodils bulbs we purchased last spring bloomed. We will be buying another dozen of them this year at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. The tulips all have buds so it won't be long before they are in bloom also.

The next few pictures show Spring in my neighborhood.

I took this on another Thursday while waiting for Viola. It is the Spirit of Portland Dinner/Cruise Ship,it does its turn around right at the Jefferson St. Boat Ramp/parking lot where I park. We have taken a few dinner cruises on it and one all day cruise from Portland to Astoria, Oregon.
Borrowed from the Internet.
We have also taken a dinner cruise on the Colombia Gorge Stern wheeler out of Cascade Locks, Oregon. The same company owns both ships.

Yesterday we went to one of our favorite places again IKEA. This is the view from our table in the cafeteria. Cascade Station Shopping Center is right at the end of the parking lot. It is serviced by Light Rail, and shuttles from all the hotels and airport. The box stores are huge! We went into Target recently and it felt like a small city.  Joe had his eye on the Carhartt Store so we headed over there after lunch.

I picked these kitchen rugs up at IKEA.That little half round black spot is the end of my bar. I probably should have cropped it out. We are finding quite a few things there for our house.

Wasn't feeling good this morning so I left church early and stopped by Joe's work. He was getting the bus ready for the residents Sunday Drive. This week he took them out in the country above Oregon city. They love  the farm animals and Joe said just as he was rounding a corner, here was a huge camel by the fence right by the road.  Right away I knew it must be Moses the Oregon City Camel The residents really got a kick out of that.

It's nice that I can stop by and say hi to him on the way home from church

I have a hard time getting pictures of these three great grand kids. Their mom took them to the aquarium near us yesterday and snapped their picture while they were in the boat. Thanks Shawna.


OK, anyone that knows me real well knows I'm not very fond of dogs....only from a distance. Its a fear I've had since I was a small girl and I'm still working on getting rid of that fear.  So today, I'm getting a few groceries at Fred Meyers  for Joe's lunches this week and here comes a lady, and her two daughters, down my isle with two BIG white dogs. The handler told me later the one was a Labradoodle and the other one a Standard Poodle. They were on leashes and but they were headed right for me.  I knew by the jackets they were wearing they were dogs in training and not to touch them.  The lady was getting some cans off the shelf and told this dog to sit..... She did. Right in front of me. She didn't move. I swear the whole time she was sitting there she was looking at me with this smile. It never left her face. I got the giggles, and the lady asked me if I wanted to pet her. She said it was OK because she hadn't earned her "do not touch" badge yet.  Well I wasn't thrilled about petting her, but with that look, I took my chances.  That made her pretty happy, she wiggled but she didn't stand up.  Then I asked the lady if I could take her picture.  As they were leaving, the labradoodle turned around and gave me one more smile.... one I'll never forget.