Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Kind Of Music

What is Joe smiling about this evening? We all have our kinds of music we like. Joe and I happen to like the old hymns of the church vs the newer christian music,we both love Southern Gospel music and we like the old western music vs the new type of Country Western Music. Well this is why Joe is smiling.....

Please excuse the quality of the picture I took it on my iPhone camera off our new Freddie and Sheila Pelletier's DVD "SOUNDS LIKE CHET"   We first met these folks in Southern CA at an RV Park where we were staying. They  were the entertainment one particular evening at the park. We were fortunate to get to hear them a few other times at different parks in CA and AZ.  If you ever get  the opportunity to hear them,  you will enjoy a toe tapping evening of singing, great guitar playing, clogging and even a tune with their kazoos.  This is a link to their site. Fredie and Sheila Pelletier   (Nope, I didn't get paid for this. They probably don't even know I wrote about them)