Saturday, March 9, 2013

All Is Well

I almost forgot about my Spring Table Decoration. It's hard to believe Easter is only two Sunday's away from tomorrow. March 31st this year.  Joe still has an ugly cough, but has been fever free for almost 2 days now. He was going to go to work tomorrow but our friend, who was the  one  who asked him to apply for the job last year said for him to take another day off and come back on Monday.  That was really nice of her as she has covered most of his sick days  this past week. I see a bouquet of flowers for the girls in the office Monday.
Viola's foot and lower leg seems to be slowly improving and for that we are grateful. She is not one to complain even when Joe has to take care of her foot as the Dr. instructed. I don't know how many of you have to wear knee high compression socks, but they aren't easy to put on. She has to put them on and take them off twice each day so we can apply the medicine. As long as she can do it by her self we let her. She still makes her bed every morning (with all her stuffed animals on it). 
It was a beautiful day today. I opened all the doors and windows that had screens on them to let out the "sick bugs" and let in the fresh air. All  the Daffi's are in bloom now thanks to Mr. Sun.  I was going to sit outside and read, but decided I wanted  to wipe down the patio furniture first. Joe wanted to walk around the park this afternoon to get some of his strength back so we did that instead.  Tomorrow I am going to leave the both of them at home and go to church.   I made meat loaf muffins this evening ( meat loaf in a muffin tin) with Red Potatoes served with Brown gravy. Actually after they were done, I put the meat muffins in a casserole dish along with the red spuds and poured the brown gravy over the top.  Corn and a green salad completed the meal. So tomorrow when I get home from church I can just pop the left overs in the oven for lunch.
For those that need to, don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. Have a wonderful Sunday. I know I will.