Friday, March 8, 2013

More Good News

I had Viola at the Hospital to have a ultra sound on her leg at 9:30 this morning. Good news is they didn't see a blood clot. Less than an hour after we were home, she and her sister were headed out to a local assisted living home to a birthday party for a mutual friend. 

Joe is on the mend. and if he can keep his temperature at the normal level he can return to work on  Sunday. 

I borrowed this from the internet
Tomorrow and Sunday are suppose to be sunny and clear.  I am thinking about sitting out on the patio and reading in the afternoon.  Joe will stay inside because the BNP Paribas Open is going on at the tennis gardens in Indian Wells, Ca.  Joe played tennis before pickle ball came along.  He volunteered at the tennis gardens while we were still going South for the winter.  After the the games were over the volunteers were invited to an afternoon of playing on the outer courts, followed by a nice buffet.  Someday he hopes to be volunteering there again.  It is very cold there this evening and he remembers the nights he had night duty.  At their orientation they were given a nice jacket, shirt and cap and a $10 meal ticket per day, and all the soda and water they could drink. When not on duty they could watch as many matches as they wanted, and were also given a free guest pass. I went once, but it was usually too hot for me during the day and too cold at night and also we didn't want to leave Viola alone in the motor home.   So until the 17th, unless he is working, Joe will pretty much be glued to the Tennis Channel and ESPN 2

Have a great weekend everyone.