Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good News - Bad News

This was grand daughter's first attempt at painting on canvas with a little help on touch up by teacher at Master School of Arts. 
 Good news is, Joe is feeling a bit better today. The antibiotics are kicking in and he ate a poached egg and half a banana for breakfast, and  bread and milk (?) for lunch. He really gave me a fright during the night because he would quit breathing for a few seconds and as soon as I would touch him he'd start breathing again.  He does have sleep apnea but has been way to sick to wear his mask for five days now.  He told me this morning he thinks he'll be able to put it  back on tonight. (whew!!!)

What do you think this is? OK,  I'll tell you. It was the ice on my daughter in law's car when she got in it to go to work this morning. Beautiful huh.
Bad news is, Viola has a serious infection on her foot.She told the DR. she thinks a bug bit her. It looked so bad, the Dr. looked at me with that "I don't think so look" and ordered an x-ray to see if a bone in her foot was  broken. The x rays showed no broken bones so  Dr. put her on antibiotics and she also did blood work to rule out a blood clot.  We just got a call from her Dr. and the lab results indicated a need for an ultra sound on that leg. So we'll do that tomorrow. I guess the upside of this is they are both getting their illnesses out of the way at the same time. The down side of that is I get so busy caring for them I forget to take care of my self.  When I got home this afternoon I realized I hadn't taken my daily meds. Which included the diabetes meds.( Not insulin but Metformin) I took them right away and all is well now. I've decided I'll take care of ME first. I'm the first one up in the mornings and I'll eat and take the meds while it's still quiet.
It feels good to just be sitting here doing nothing. I look across the room and my Joe is sitting up in his chair enjoying watching the Brady Bunch.His temperature is normal again. He said mashed potatoes and some soft carrots sounded good for supper. That feels good too. We had a good talk about him not doing to much too fast. Don't want him to relapseHe has to keep the temperature normal from now to Saturday if he wants to go back to work on Sunday. Sure doesn't want to expose any of the residents to this bug.