Monday, February 25, 2013

Birds and Beds

These past few days have been busy ones for us. Thursday we spent a few hours at Portland's Home and Garden Show. I'm not good at estimating feet, but Joe said that table behind us was 12-15 feet long made out of a log. It was huge and beautiful.

We're  always more interested in the garden part of the show than the home building/improvement part. There were a lot of duplicate vendors there. 

This landscaped waterfall was one of my favorites.

This is Pianist Charles Suniga . We met Charles about five years ago when he was hired by a friend of ours to provide dinner music for his wife's birthday party. He has a very peaceful, unique style. We were in another part of the building when I heard the piano. I told Joe I thought I recognized it and we started following the music . Sure enough here was Charles. It was good to see him again. He plays for a lot of the commercial shows and also plays in front of Nordstroms, and out at the airport. I think we have most of his CD's

This is our good friend David.  We invited him to hang out with us at the Home and Garden Show. Following the  show, we took him to Yaws Restaurant for a surprise (to him) birthday lunch.

Granddaughter came for a sleep over shortly after we got home from the show. We would be taking her to the Aquarium for an early birthday. One of her favorite things is to let grandpa brush  her hair. It brought back memories for him because he use to brush his daughter's hair too.

Watson was showing off his colors
These are Lorikeets she is feeding. Special food for the birds can be purchased right there. The Aviary is a two door system. She enters the first door and an employee closes it, Then opens the 2nd door in to the the Aviary.

Bob had been watching granddaughter interact with the Lorikeets for a few hours and decided to do something he rarely does......he put Watson on her shoulder!  What a special thing for her.

This is the "bed" referred to in my title. We purchased a new Serta Gel Foam bed and box spring from American Mattress Co. at the Home and Garden Show. We have never had a NEW bed. Included in the package deal were two pillows of our choice. Joe chose the Serta gel foam scrunch pillow and I chose the orthopedic pillow for the neck issues I have.  With the electrical issues fixed and a new bed, we are sleeping so much better.

As an after thought, we have been having a craving for the sweet Oranges we get from Bakersfield, CA. So today I ordered another box and they should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. We have such fond memories of our times at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield. Parked by our own little orange tree that we could have access to if they were in season.We never took more than we could eat that day, but before we left, we'd go to the warehouse/fruit store next door and by a box to take with us. And each year since have been  ordering them on line or by phone.  The 20# box of 36 oranges is only $14.25 but shipping it to Oregon  is almost double that. But it is sooooo worth it.