Friday, February 15, 2013

Meet the newest member of our family. JoJo.. Never barks, never have to walk, feed or clean up after him. When we start traveling again, he will go with us.  
During the winter months in Oregon we don't see much of this. So, on a day when it is blue skys and sunshine,......
You will find Joe outside, grooming flower beds, trimming roses, pulling weeds, what ever needs to be done.
Last night we chose Sayler's Old Country Kitchen for our Valentine Dinner Date. We knew when we went there, there would be a very long wait. They do not take reservations. But the meal is so worth waiting for. When we signed in we were told and hour and 45 minutes. There was a couple standing right next to us that we clicked with right away. So for the next 15 minutes we visited and found out we had so much in common, Church, people we knew, travel etc. They had very common names as we do. Stan and Ethel......Joe and Betty. Stan checked on how much longer it would be for them to be seated. (He had been there since 5:30 and it was now almost 7:00pm. He was told they were next. He returned and told us he knew it was a night for a romantic dinner, but if we would join them at their table we wouldn't have to be standing for at least another hour waiting for our table. We had such a fun time with them, getting better acquainted and for sure will be visiting again soon. Thank you Stan and Ethel.