Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day Trip to Florence and a Damper on the Game

Helping Viola decided what to have for lunch.
Saturday morning I was up early, had Viola fed and ready for the day, and Joe came out of the bedroom and said let's go for a ride to the beach. We called our friend Ruthie and asked her if she wanted to go with us.  Then I called our friend Donna  of  Travels in Therapy  because I knew she was familiar with Florence, Oregon and that was our destination for the day. I wanted her to give me  a couple of ideas of where to eat.  She suggested The Blue Hen. So I got the address and added to our GPS, we put Viola in the passenger seat up front, and Ruthie and I in the back, and off we went. When we got to Lincoln City, it was nice. Not really warm but then we were out for a drive, not a hike.  By the time we got to Newport, my sugar had dropped to 63. I had my snacks with me but it didn't help. ( I need to keep Glucose tabs with me) We had to eat quick.  So we stopped at the Chalet Restaurant and had a really nice lunch. I had a Spinach,Cheese and Bacon Quiche plate which included fresh fruit and TWO home made cranberry/orange muffins. So I got to have one of them for breakfast this morning.

We stopped just beyond Whale's Cove to stretch or legs and I captured these views of the ocean.

 Joe drove Greyhound on  Highway 101 as far South as Eureka, CA and this was one of his favorite views of the ocean. 
This was the snack table for the Super Bowl. The game lost all of it's fun for us when we received a message that Joe's dear friend passed away about 1:30 this afternoon. Will you please keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers.  And also for the families of these two dear people.  Two friends in less than a week is so difficult for the both of us.