Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oatmeal and Snakes

For those of you who are oatmeal lovers.... tonight I went to a 2 hour diabetic info class at our local Fred Meyers. It was sponsored by  the makers of the One Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The first half was led by a pharmacist. Sort of like a support group. She listened to our questions made great suggestions and This is one she gave me. I like my oatmeal more creamy so I put the oatmeal in the water and cook them together. BUT,.... I added a teaspoon of peanut butter (protein) while it was cooking.  I tell you it was so good! The second half of the class was a tour in the grocery isles reading labels, learning which vegetables we could have more of than others. And we came home with a bag full of "goodies" No, not the kind you can eat, but booklets just full of information, meal planners, calorie counters, but the picture above was my favorite goodie.
It's a melamine plate  helps me know how much of what to put on my plate. I had already gone from a dinner plate to a desert size plate to cut back on my portions. But I just love this little guy!

The Portland Aquarium is very close to our house. Today we finally got to go see what was inside. And we weren't disappointed. Almost as soon as we walked in the door, this guy was standing there with a yellow snake wrapped around him.  It is an albino Python. Just a young one.

This is Watson. He is a five month old Macaw. Watson sits on Bob's arm, and will show you his wing span, say a few words when asked (if he's in the mood) and is always snuggling.  The little colored blocks around Bob's neck helps keep Watson's beak filed, and is also his "toy"

There are two new additions  coming to the aquarium this spring.  A Puffin display and a River Otter display that will be both inside and out.  There is also a very nice Aviary, touch pools, and a huge jungle gym for the kiddos.  We feel our money was very well spent for our membership there.