Thursday, January 17, 2013

Game Night


Last night was game night at Grandma Betty and Joe's house We have a favorite card game we play called  Five Crowns. It's sort of like Rummy. We had Papa Murphy's Pizza and Pepsi. The guy closest to the camera is my youngest son. He's in his work uniform because he came right from work. He is a Portland light rail trainer/supervisor. 
On Thursdays, some of the cousins attend   Master School of Arts  This kiddo is drawing a timed pencil drawing of his cousin. (less than 5 minutes)
Pretty good drawing I would say of the young man in the white T shirt in the above picture.

And not to be out done, this cousin is taking a college art class . She takes 13 credit hours and works 3 jobs........ just sayin.

It was so fun for me to just sit and watch and listen to the interaction around the table.  Joe and I are looking forward to another game night at  our Church this Saturday eve too. 

Someone forgot to tell these little guys it's still winter and very, very cold

We thought we had pulled up all the bulbs in the flower beds in front of the house, but apparently we missed a few.....