Saturday, January 12, 2013


This is how we dressed in Milwaukie, Oregon today. We went for a nice walk about noon and it was 32 degrees. Freezing fog wasn't as widespread as it was Friday morning, so the roads weren't as slick  because the metro area is drier now.
The hat Joe is wearing was his winter Greyhound hat. He's glad he hung on to it all these years. Doesn't matter how cold it is those wheels "gotta be clean".
 I don't think I will go to church tomorrow. Joe  has to work anyway, and with this cold weather and lots of colds and flu, I tend to avoid crowds when I can. Viola has a routine Dr. appointment Monday and I'm going to cancel that because I don't want her out breathing the cold air. Good place to pick up a bug is in a Doctor's office. Sounds like a lot of my blogger friends are dealing with this big freeze and flu bugs.   So I'm praying your rigs stay warm, and those of you that have the bug will recover soon, and those who don't have it, will be spared.