Friday, January 11, 2013

What A Day

This morning, Joe had an ultrasound to rule out a chest wall hernia. (Dr. contacted him this afternoon, the results are A-OK)  In the mid 80,s I worked at Portland Adventist and remembered they had a great gift shop. So while he was busy in x ray, I went down the hall to check it out. These animals were guarding the entrance . Made me think of Al and Kelly and the Bayfield Bunch.
I found this wonderful little Gooseberry Patch Cookbook that I didn't think I could live with out.
All the calendars were 55% off, so I came home with this one,all barns, another one the same size that hangs over Joe's Secretariat that is all country including an old red pickup truck, and a pocket size one to give a girlfriend as a welcome home gift when I pick her up at the airport next week.
This morning we had freezing fog. The roads were a nightmare for those who had travel and there were many accidents. People going to fast and following to close. Forecast is for the same thing tonight. What you see isn't clouds. It's actually the sun trying to break through really thick fog. Later in the afternoon, beautiful blue skies and very, very cold.

Around 1:00P.M. we were on our way home thinking we could just pick up the mail , go home and the rest of the day would be a do nothing day. WRONG!!!!! I opened one of the letters and couldn't believe my eyes. When I read it to Joe, he was speechless. Somehow, he had totally forgotten he had to renew his CDL license by December 31st. This meant he had to have another physical before DMV would issue is CDL again. He can drive the  town cars, and the small bus, but  he needs that license to drive the 18 passenger bus...... what to do, what to do.  He remembered seeing a sign in the window of an Urgent Care office in Oregon City  that  gives ODOT CDL Physicals. Now it's 2:00 and DMV closes at 5:00. $90.00 later, he walks out with................

 Now all we have to do is head over to Gladstone to the DMV office and stand in a very long line.  We weren't there more than 5 minutes and we were told to proceed to the number ticket machine and after we got our number,  we could either go sit down, or if we had questions we could stay in the line and our questions would be answered.  The line went really quick,  Joe told the man why we were there, he told us to go stand in the express line and we were only in that line for maybe another five minutes before we were at the counter. Now he is all legal again for another year. Normally it is two years, but because he has sleep apnea, and uses his CPAP regularly, there are no restrictions, but he does have to renew every year.
After all that we decided to use one of our Christmas gift certificates again.
This time we went to Ohana Hawaiian Cafe  This was  their Tropical Fruit Punch
I had combo plate with traditional slow roasted pig cooked for hours...seasoned with Hawaiian salt, then pulled and cooked with fresh cabbage, Island style charbroiled teriyaki beef.. thin slices of tender premium grade ribeye marinated and then charbroiled yaki soba Noodles, and Coconut Prawns. Folks, this was NOT a normal size dinner plate. It was way to big.  When they brought our plates, right away I asked for a take out box. I managed to eat maybe a third of it. There's at least two more meals in there.  Well it's almost midnight, and I don't have a sleepy bone in my body, but I think I'll lay down, close my eyes, and when I open them again, hopefully it will be morning. It is going to be a very cold morning... in the 20's with more freezing fog. Glad Joe doesn't have to work tomorrow.