Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Place For Our Guests To Sleep Now


For my blogger friends who are also my Facebook Friends, this isn't the latest news to you so please endure while I share the picture of our "new to us" sofa/hide-a-bed with the rest of our family and friends. Now when we have over night guests, they don't have to go to a motel, or sleep on the floor with sleeping bags on top of memory foam. In the Spring and Summer we use the MH as a guest house, but come fall, we winterize and cover it.
We purchased it from Furniture and Decor Upscale Consignment, a very nice consignment store in Gladstone not far from where we live. At the same time they delivered, we sent a love seat and recliner chair back to the store to be put on consignment. Gladstone is also known to the locals as "Happy Rock"  Puts a smile on my face every time I say Gladstone.

Life at our house is very routine these days. Which means there just isn't a whole lot to blog about. Our New Year's Eve was spent at our church for a game night and lots of food. 27 of the youth had been to a hockey game earlier and when it was over, they  came to the church, moved the chairs and had a hockey game of their own, while others played games including Apples to Apples. It was a very nice evening and we drove back into our driveway at precisely 12:00 A.M. Joe worked New Years Day.