Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meeting another blogger friend before A Very Stormy Weekend

Wednesday evening we had  the pleasure of meeting  another blogger friend of mine Susan from Texas

We enjoyed a nice supper at Famous Dave's in Tualatin, not far from where Susan is visiting her mother and other family members. Her husband, Bob, is home in Texas, working and caring for their kitties.

Friday we had a game night with Grandson Jesse, his wife Alyssa and son Bronson. He is a smoocher. 

Joe had just given him a "snuggle" and that look says "GG Pa, you need to shave"

Bronson had fun playing in his "toy" drawer. GG's toys are more fun then the toys he brought with him.
The strainer and this cup were his two favorite "toys" he found in the drawer.

 The forecast for Portland is  LOT of rain and very windy! They are right on both! Normally we would have had the RV covered by now, but we plan on doing one more "get away" weekend next month. 
I'm really glad we "battened down the hatches" last week. The tulip and daffodil bulbs are all snuggled in their beds too, waiting for Spring to wake them up.

I thought this would be a great day to put  some Great Northern Beans in the Crockpot along with a small smoked ham hock for a little flavor. Joe and his mom like them served over a piece of buttered bread.  My mom cooked that type of beans with a little celery, onion, a chopped up carrot and seasoning and I just had them in a bowl, but I also like to make corn bread and have a piece of that with them. How about you?  If you like little white Great Northern Beans, how do you like to eat them.

 It's Joe's day off and when it's stormy like this, and all his work is done, he likes to sit back and watch an old movie. Right now he's watching TROUBLE ALONG THE WAY, It is a black and white 1953 comedy drama with John Wayne, Donna Reed and Charles Coburn. It's about  a divorced coach and his little girl who build a football team to pull a priests' college out of debt. 
Viola, Joe's mom, is warm and cozy in her room, putting a puzzle together. She reads six inspirational soft romance books a month.(They come in the mail, six at a time)  She told us to make them last the whole month, she reads two books, puts a puzzle together (which usually takes 2-3 days) then reads two more books, another puzzle, then the last two. In between she enjoys watching her favorite TV shows, which include, Lets Make A Deal, The Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune, along with movies on the Hallmark Channel, and TV church on the Sundays Joe is working. Oh, and did I say she will be 99 on December  6th?  
And what do I do on a stormy weekend? Well when I'm not doing laundry, fixing meals, general cleaning etc. I enjoy crocheting, knitting, reading from my NOOK and ...this .

working on my blog. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and if you're in the Pacific Northwest, and out and about, stay dry and forget about the will be inside out as soon as you try to put it up.


  1. The wind started to blow here this morning but has died down now. Now that we have the tree down, I was kinda looking forward to a nice stormy weekend!! I love white beans and ham but I usually use navy beans instead of the bigger white northern. I cook them with ham and a little celery, onion and carrot...just like your mom!! Can always eat cornbread with them - yum. I love beans and they are so good for you. Viola looks good. Glad she is keeping busy. Now you need to take some time to relax too.

  2. It's hard to beat a good old John Wayne movie on a blustery day. :) Although I'd be watching with a bowl of hot buttered popcorn. I can skip the beans.

  3. We have been running from bad weather since we fled Yellowstone and snow. Last night it caught us in Kearney, Nebraska. Yep....wind and blowing rain. Joe's mom is like an Energizer Bunny.

  4. Y'all know exactly how to spend a rainy day.

    Mom looks so good. I am just thrilled to hear how much she reads. Doing a puzzle takes a ton of patience. Hope I can handle it when I am 99!

  5. Joe's mom is amazing. Her eye sight must still be very good. Bet it's better than mine if she reads that much and does puzzles. My dad's 93 on Thursday and his quality of life has deteriorated greatly since he has macular degeneration and cannot see. Glad to hear you and Joe are going to get away on one more trip.

  6. Hi Joe and Betty: Love the photos of that great grandson. He's going to be a heart throb some day. I love the photo of Viola and her puzzle. I just wonder how many she's done in her 99-year lifetime; and, how many romance novels has she read in total?
    Guess I just missed the real beginning of the rainy season; but I did get a sample of that wind while I was there. Happy Weekend!