Saturday, August 10, 2013

Birthday Week

This is Birthday week for Joe and I. We will both be 72.   My sister is here from  Washington to help us celebrate. We Have been busy each day. We enjoyed looking at antiques in Aurora, and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens 

We took corn to feed the ducks and geese
We love these gardens. So beautiful, So peaceful.
Today we took a wonderful two hour tour along the river on one of the three   Willamette Jet Boats.

And this is what we looked like as we are heading back after being completely drenched. With 360's, sudden stops  and zig zags.  it was so much fun!!! I'm ready to do it again.

In between all that activity, we have enjoyed meals at McGrath's, a local Seafood restaurant, Famous Dave's BBQ, and Monday we will add Saylor's Country Kitchen, our favorite steak house. Wednesday, we are going to enjoy our local Clackamas County Fair and the Rodeo that evening. We will round out the week of celebration by enjoying some camping time at Thousand Trails  Bend/Sunriver Resort


  1. No way you two are 72! You act like 52 with all your adventures.

    Happy birthday to you both. Many, many more happy years are ahead.

    1. I second what they said^^^ You are such an amazing soul. Love to see your pics of you and Joe smiling. Even drenched you are still beautiful!

  2. WOW...what an awesome week!

    Happy Birthday to you and Joe.

    We did one of those zip boat rides at Niagara Falls...I agree that it's way fun!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Wow! Don't think I've ever celebrated a birthday for a week!

  4. Happy Birthday to both of you!!

    Sounds like you've been having a great time and have a busy week ahead.

  5. Happy Birthday to you both!! What a great way to celebrate. Rich and I always wanted to do the Mail Boat rides on the rogue. By the soaking, it looks like you had a great time!

  6. Happy birthday to both of you! Sounds like you have a busy week planned for sure. That boat ride sounded fun :)

  7. Happy Birthday to both of you!! Enjoy, enjoy!

  8. Happy Birthday to both of you. What a busy week!

  9. Happy Birthday to you both. Hard to believe you are both 72 after reading about your adventures. Keep up the good work!!