Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fruit Loop 2013

It is a annual tradition for us to do the Fruit Loop around Mt. Hood.  We head for Hood River, pick up a map of the places participating this year and off we go.  Our first stop was Lavender Festival. There was music, vendors selling everything from hula hoops, to a refreshing strawberry-Rosemary  drink. There was plenty of hand made jewelry to choose from too. For $5.00 you could go into the lavender fields and cut your own bouquet of lavender.

 It was such a beautiful day
 So many people, there were huge traffic jams. We took Joe's mom with us so we were fortunate to have handicap parking where ever we went.
 Next on the loop, was a stop at an Alpaca Farm. These are the cutest little animals. For a quarter, you can buy a handful of feed to feed them.
 This little one is a week old.

 This gentleman is the owner of the farm.  They have a yarn store there and on this particular day, he was demonstrating spinning and weaving

I was sad to find out that this is the last season for Valley Lavender Farms. ( A different lavender farm than the last one. ) It has been one of my favorites. Many weddings have been held in this Gazebo. A 93 year old lady lives here and is an artist. Her work is beautiful an mostly paintings of the lavender fields. 

Time for a picnic at Panoramic View Point.  The tree is obstructing the view of Mt. Hood but it was beautiful.
This is Mt. Adams and I took the picture from the Gorge White House. It is also one of our favorite stops on the Loop.

This is East Fork Hood River on Oregon Highway 35
This is the log bridge you have to use to cross over the river. It feels like it is tilting when walking on it.

We are standing at the beginning or the ending either way, of a beautiful hike to Tamanawas Falls 
It  is a beautiful four mile hike deep in the woods. My sister is coming to visit next month to help Joe and I celebrate our birthdays and one of the things we will be doing is hiking to Tamanawas Falls again.
Have a wonderful week!  It sounds like we are going to enjoy another week of beautiful weather.


  1. The tour looks absolutely breathtaking! So good that Joe's mom could go. We are sooo looking forward to Oregon! Hopefully, we will leave this week...sometime!

  2. What a nice day and great idea for the fruit loop...I bet the lavender fields smell good too!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the fall.

    Happy birthday Betty and Joe!

  3. So sorry we missed going on the Fruit Loop trail yesterday. It looks like it would have been a great day!

  4. That's a fun excursion. We visited that alpaca farm last year and Russ bought some socks. He LOVES them. Glad you had a fun day.

  5. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful area. I love the lavender. The problem is that bees love them too.

  6. Your first photo is beautiful with Mt. Hood in the background.

    What a wonderful day. The lavender fields are gorgeous.

  7. So pretty! I saved the pic you sent me of you and Joe in the field. Looks like a wonderful day trip. ♡

  8. What a wonderful day. Your pictures of the lavendar fields are gorgeous. I also love the picture of you and Joe. Sounds like you packed a lot of really fun things in your day.