Friday, July 26, 2013

This is a test.  For the last couple of days, I haven't been  able to upload or download to Google Blog or Google Plus, or attach pictures to my Gmail account . So I bit the bullet and downloaded Google Chrome. And just like that I can upload, download and attach pictures again. Don't know what's going on with Google but I think I'll just stay with Google Chrome now.  Changes don't come easy for me, but I stay with it until I figure it out.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Half Way Through a Brick Redo

This is what our border looked like before the redo. Click to get a closer look. The old bricks are scalloped on top.

We purchased the concrete blocks at Home Depot for $1.97 each, then Joe painted all of them black to match the trim on our house.

This is an up close look at what the bricks look like. They are easier to make the curve.
 An this is a view of the completed first half.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fruit Loop 2013

It is a annual tradition for us to do the Fruit Loop around Mt. Hood.  We head for Hood River, pick up a map of the places participating this year and off we go.  Our first stop was Lavender Festival. There was music, vendors selling everything from hula hoops, to a refreshing strawberry-Rosemary  drink. There was plenty of hand made jewelry to choose from too. For $5.00 you could go into the lavender fields and cut your own bouquet of lavender.

 It was such a beautiful day
 So many people, there were huge traffic jams. We took Joe's mom with us so we were fortunate to have handicap parking where ever we went.
 Next on the loop, was a stop at an Alpaca Farm. These are the cutest little animals. For a quarter, you can buy a handful of feed to feed them.
 This little one is a week old.

 This gentleman is the owner of the farm.  They have a yarn store there and on this particular day, he was demonstrating spinning and weaving

I was sad to find out that this is the last season for Valley Lavender Farms. ( A different lavender farm than the last one. ) It has been one of my favorites. Many weddings have been held in this Gazebo. A 93 year old lady lives here and is an artist. Her work is beautiful an mostly paintings of the lavender fields. 

Time for a picnic at Panoramic View Point.  The tree is obstructing the view of Mt. Hood but it was beautiful.
This is Mt. Adams and I took the picture from the Gorge White House. It is also one of our favorite stops on the Loop.

This is East Fork Hood River on Oregon Highway 35
This is the log bridge you have to use to cross over the river. It feels like it is tilting when walking on it.

We are standing at the beginning or the ending either way, of a beautiful hike to Tamanawas Falls 
It  is a beautiful four mile hike deep in the woods. My sister is coming to visit next month to help Joe and I celebrate our birthdays and one of the things we will be doing is hiking to Tamanawas Falls again.
Have a wonderful week!  It sounds like we are going to enjoy another week of beautiful weather.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Facebook

This past Saturday was the annual Tarr family reunion. That is Joe's moms side of the family. It was a beautiful day. Plenty of food, games for the kids, and of course the Horseshoe tournament.   I did manage to get a few pictures with my iPhone including this picture of this years Horseshoe Tournament winners. Yes, Joe and his daughter Kelly won the tournament.  I enjoyed watching the younger generations of cousins having fun, and the older generations relaxed and visiting.
Saturday evening, I made a big decision. Big for me that is. I have been contemplating closing my Facebook page for quite awhile.  The reasons are personal, but I feel I made a good choice.  Facebook withdrawals?  Hmmmm you might say that.  But there are so many things I can do better with my time.  I put my Words with Friends and Scrabble on my iPhone and Nook Tablet. They sort of exercises my brain.  I have gone totally to Google Plus to do my blog, communicate with friends and family.  I use Google Hangout. It is Google's version of Skype but free and you can have up to 10 people at a time on a call.  This link will help you learn how to set up a Google + page. It's very easy.
I also use Instagram for photo's. No Cost for either of them. and of course, there is always my email.
That old saying "my get up and go got up and went" applied to how I been feeling lately.  I'm not sick, just feeling tired. Today, was my appointment with the gastroenterologist. My liver enzymes have been slowly going up over the last couple of years an my PCP thought it was time to refer me to a specialist.  So after a nice visit, making himself acquainted with my medical history, Dr. ordered 13 different blood tests that filled 7 vials. Thank goodness it was only one stick, and it didn't hurt at all.  He will give me a call in a week to 10 days with the results. He said being overweight, diabetic, and having  cholesterol issues   he feels it is probably just fatty tissue in my liver, but with the numbers slowly increasing he wants to rule out a lot of possibilities. He also suggested I try hard to loose 12 - 15 pounds, which will help the cholesterol and diabetes numbers go down and also make me feel better and I agree.
Have a wonderful week! It's going to be a warm one here in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Wonerful Fourth of July Weekend

Our weekend started Wednesday eve when we parked our rig at my sisters house. Pretty convenient. We have full hook ups here.

 It's an easy walk up the driveway to her house.
 Thursday morning Jan and I went for a walk. Living in Bonney Lake there are quite a few lakes around her home.  This one is Lake Jane.

 Thursday morning we were off to see the kids and grandkids. Each 4th of July, Joe's daughter and family is involved in a block party, BBQ, and fireworks. LOTS of fireworks. They were there to meet their grandpa as he drove up.
There was plenty of time for tennis before the BBQ and fireworks.
Lots of food, fun and fellowship

 Electronic toys aren't needed around here.
 After taking my sister and her friend to Pier 91 in Seattle, where they boarded Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas for a cruise to Alaska, we headed for Chehalis Thousand Trails Resort. We absolutely loved this place. We felt we were in the deep woods. Beautiful! 
 The view out our dining table window.
 We enjoyed time in the Adult Pool and Hot Tub. There is also a family pool and country Store. Earlier in the day, Joe did some horse shoe pitching.
Coming back from the pool we were pleasantly surprised to see these deer. They looked up at us when we stopped and kept right on eating.
Another highlight was getting to meet in person, a couple of Facebook friends, Lon and Nancy Buck. Nancy and I have been visiting each other for a few months. They are Thousand Trails members also. She told me what site they were going to be in, and there was a site open just a couple spots down. We each had our own agendas while we were there her sister was also in the park, but we got a chance Saturday eve to get better acquainted.  This was our first time at a TT Park, but I'm sure it won't be our last.