Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lots of Blueberries

Picking the blueberries for today. I bought two tiny bushes last year at Grocery Outlet for $2.50 each. This year they are so loaded with berries, the branches lay on the ground.

 The ones that aren't quite ripe, turn all blue by evening . Makes great evening snack
 Went to Fred Meyers to pick up a few things and when I got out of the car this huge St Bernard, in the pick up next to me seemed to be smiling and saying "Hey I'm smiling take my picture" so I did
We went to visit friends in West Linn last night. In the 70's we lived right across the street from them in this house. Our back yard was beautiful. Only a chain link fence divided our yard from Mary S. Young State Park  The tree on the left wasn't much taller than I was back then and the tree on the right wasn't even there. The current owner has done a beautiful job of keeping the house and yard up.


  1. Those are some great blueberry bushes, wish I have them in my yard!!!

  2. I thought for sure I had already left a comment but maybe that was on FB. We bought some blueberries at the Saturday Market today and they were sure good.

  3. The changes in landscape surely tells us how old we are!

  4. I love blueberries. Good idea to grow your own as they are expensive.

  5. Luckily the birds haven't discovered your blueberries. We had to fight them for ours. They don't share well, like to clean them out. Those bushes must really like where you put them to give you a crop that big in the first year. Mmmmmmm they look delicious.