Friday, June 28, 2013

Enjoying Summer Weather

At almost 99, Viola loves to be warm. So this afternoon she enjoyed sitting outside reading her book.  For those who know her, Look, no sweater.

 I love the sweet fragrance of Jasmine
 And not to be outdone, the Heliotrope also gives us a delightful fragrance.
And last but certainly not least, Mr. Lincoln is giving us what I think is the most wonderful of all Rose fragrances.


  1. How warm did it have to get for Viola to doff her sweater??? I just love the scent of jasmine. Your yard must smell heavenly!

  2. Well, it's certainly "HOT" here. I love Mr. Lincoln Roses!

  3. Viola looks great for almost 99! God bless her!

  4. Oh boy, was it ever hot today! Hotter tomorrow they say. Viola looks like she is enjoying the sun. Mr.Lincoln is my favorite rose. Such a sweet heavenly fragrance.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I just love any and all flowers!...smell or not.

    Viola looks great. She is so blessed to still have such good eye sight to be able to read.

  6. Viola looks so at peace enjoying the warm weather. God bless you!

    Nothing like fresh air and the smell of sweet flowers!

    Enjoy the weekend!