Friday, May 24, 2013

Weddings, Spring and Fun Times

This is my almost 17 month old Great Grandson Tyler. He was the ring bearer in the wedding for one of his mamma's friend's

The Bride and Tyler

Look closely on the the river bank. (Click on the picture to enlarge)  There is a deer standing there looking at me.He did a stare down with me until I finished my picture taking. I enlarged the picture as much as I could. She is a lot further away than it looks. 

No I didn't display the picture upside down.  The Pond was glass clear.

These little goslings are almost "teenagers" now. I wasn't able to get out here sooner to see them when they were tiny.

Another big tournament weekend coming up. This time right in our own "back yard" Oregon City. The weather doesn't look too promising but they will pitch until they get rained out. Praying that doesn't happen though.

Pitching Buddies Joe and Russ Watkins
Kay and Russ are friends of ours. They live in Hillsborro. Last night they came to our home for a visit. Russ and Joe left for a couple of hours to prepare the horseshoe pits for Saturday's tournament, then we ate dinner out followed by a nice evening of cards.
Some things never  cease to amaze me. Like visiting a different church, sing the same song and the music and words are different, or  how the rules change for the same game. The last time they were here we played by their rules so last night we played the same game, but by the rules we learned. There was lots of laughter and the guys are looking forward to pitching together Sat. and Sun. Russ's average is a lot higher than Joe's so they will be in different classes but will still have fun.


  1. That Tyler is one cutie pie for sure.

    Love the photo of the tree. Great job.

    And yes, I saw the deer plain as day!

  2. A beautiful world, good family, good friends, good scenery and good fun. Enjoy!!!

  3. Beautiful picture of the deer. I haven't seen a horseshoe tournament since I was a kid. Good luck Joe.

  4. Were you playing Mexican Train. I heard everyone plays it a different way.

    Tyler is such a handsome little man!!

    Good luck Joe, hope the weather holds.

  5. Tyler is a good looking little guy - nice tie too!!

    Great pic of the lake reflections.

  6. Have fun at the tournament...hope the weather cooperates!

    You have a beautiful family!

    And so did mama goose! Great pictures!

  7. Rules do always seem to change. It depends on who you play with and when I guess.