Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hooking Up The Toad For The First Time In Five Years

Our Malibu hasn't been towed in five years. Today was such a nice day, Joe decided he'd hook it up. But first he had to check all the pins, the welds, the connections, he had to use a little WD-40 on  the telescoping bars

Then air brake cylinder was attached to the brake pedal, the correct fuses removed, and then we did a light check.

Brake lights worked, left signal...............well, the right turn light on the car worked. The the right turn signal...........yep, the left turn signal on the car worked. So we called the service department at B.Young RV where we bought our RV and they made an appointment for Tuesday as soon as Joe gets off work. Some one evidently crossed wired the signal lights.  Good thing we do those light checks huh. 

Our mobile home park is U shaped. Joe took Freeda around the park to get the feeling of it towing the Malibu and every thing seemed just fine.


Just as with every thing else in Joe's life, they bays are all neat and organized. What is he doing at the moment on this nice sun shinny evening? He's outside cleaning the Malibu and Freeda.


  1. I am beyond ecstatic for you both. Can't wait for the pics and stories from your first trip out in your beautiful new rv!

  2. We do the light check also. Never can be too careful.

    So excited for you two. You're going to be making some wonderful memories.

  3. For the last few months you've only been reading other blogs and wishing you were on the road. Now the tables are turned. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I'm envious of anyone who has such great organizaitional skills. If anyone needs them, it's RVers. I think it's in the genes or I wasn't on the right line.

    Good thing you checked the lights. You'd think whoever wired them would have checked them.

    Your motorhome is beautiful. Like Paul and Marsha, I'm very excited for you, as well. Make all the memories you can--they are wonderful to have.

  5. Oh boy you are almost on your way. It's getting closer. Where's the first trip going to be taking you??

  6. We had a Malibu that we toad behind our motorhome. It was such an easy hook up. We never leave anywhere without checking all the lights. Always a good thing to do. You are going to have such a great time. I'm really excited for you.

  7. It's certainly a good thing to practice. Now you're really be ready to hit the road soon.

  8. Those light checks are so important. So glad you are getting the bugs worked out before you hit the road...and when will that be? I am so happy for you!