Thursday, May 30, 2013


Joe has had his CPAP mask for over a year now and it hasn't been with out some struggles. So today he had an appointment with the respiratory therapist that follows him. He suggested Joe might try using a different type of mask.

This new type of mask only covers the nose. The chin strap helps with the snoring. WARNING!! BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN ANY FURTHER, LOTS OF BRAGGING ABOUT SOME OF MY GRANDCHILDREN tonight.

Tonight was the year end review for the students at the Master School of Arts Five of my grandchildren are involved there. Three of them are instructors (past students) and two are still in the program as students. This part of the review included singing, instrumental, dancing and videos, and claymation made by the students.
While waiting for the review to start, another grandson who came to see the review was showing me pictures he took while in Arizona. My blogger isn't working right tonight. The picture below isn't the best but it is of one of the grandsons receiving his teaching certificate from MSOA after five years of studies. Pretty proud of him.

The grand daughter, not to be out done, is walking in the footsteps of her brothers. She didn't do music or dance this term but instead concentrated on her art. This class required her to do a self portrait.
Her pencil drawing

I'm not to sure but I think this  is a water color. The rest of the art work is by three of her older brothers.

I can't take pictures of writing, but I'm also very proud of a grand daughter who teaches writing there. Leesha not only teaches there, she works two other jobs while going to college. She is a poet at heart. One day I will post one of her writings.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stormy and Sucess!!!

It is very stormy. Wind, rain, cold.
The wind has blown most of the blossoms off my impatiens in the front of the little flower bed.
 I didn't sleep well last night. But it wasn't because of the wind and rain. It was storming in my head! As I said in my last blog, I "took the plunge" and started setting up Google+ . Rick Doyle has done such a wonderful job of explaining all this on his blog, I thought why not.... but as usual, I started working on it before reading ALL his detailed work.  Not a good thing.  So I went back, and read it again, and again.  All seemed well until I finished my blog and hit publish.  Went to Google+ and my blog was not there.  I fooled around with it a little longer and headed for bed.  This morning, Rick helped me via Google "Hangout"  and the problem was a short, quick fix, almost embarrassingly simple!!
 Now the clouds are rolling away and blue skys are on the way! Thank you Rick for making the sun shine on my day!
 This little flower basket greets our neighbors and guests in the front of our home.
Sunshine, Google + and Fresh Strawberry Shortcake are good anytime!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Pictures,,,,,,, Just questions

Well I took the plunge. After reading Rick's blog today and re reading it, and reading it again.. I started my circles with Google + one for following, one for Blogger friends, one for friends and another for family.  If you decided to try this, read Rick's blog a few times before you start. :)  I still am full of questions and this blog tonight is a test. I want to see were it goes. When I hit publish.  Will it show up on Goggle +  and if I say following and blogger friends will you get double?  So if that happens, I will appologize in advance. Please, Please let me know if you get this more than once.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Are Doctors Getting Younger Or Am I Getting Older?

No pictures today. Just a thought or two. My primary care physician has referred me to a gastrointerologist to find out why my liver enzymes are elevated. He said it is not grossly so, but gets a little higher each three month period I go back for my routine blood work. His thought would be that being diabetic, over weight and high cholesterol fatty tissue in the liver is the cause, but he wants to be sure. But here is my thought.  The G.I.Dr. I have had for many years and his partner, both retired. After the doctors office called and set up my appointment for July 15th, I googled this new Dr. I'm suppose to see.  What a surprise. The gentleman is only 36 years old!! Good grief. My kids are older than that. So I called the office back. "Is there a Dr that is older than 36 in your office? The answer was no. She paused for a minute and said "Don't you think your previous Dr. "who shall not be named" was 36 once? Well when I think about it that way, I suppose so. So I will keep my appointment with this young Doctor. The older I get, the younger those doctors look. Hmmmmmmm

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Day, Good Day

Today was a very good  day for Joe. He placed first in his division and that paid him back his entry fees for both days! Plus he received his first patch of the year. What else made it a good day?  Well he did have to put his rain coat on three or four times, but  it wasn't a lot of heavy down pours.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Day, Bad Day

Today wasn't the best day of pitching for Joe. He won one, lost four. But it was a good day because it didn't rain at all.

He rode with Russ this morning so I could have the car to come and watch him for awhile after I had Viola ready for the day.

Thanks Russ.  He did very well today as usual.We met Russ and His wife  at Pilot Knob RV Park near Yuma a few years ago.

Tomorrow's weather isn't going to be as nice. Rain is forcasted for most of the day.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weddings, Spring and Fun Times

This is my almost 17 month old Great Grandson Tyler. He was the ring bearer in the wedding for one of his mamma's friend's

The Bride and Tyler

Look closely on the the river bank. (Click on the picture to enlarge)  There is a deer standing there looking at me.He did a stare down with me until I finished my picture taking. I enlarged the picture as much as I could. She is a lot further away than it looks. 

No I didn't display the picture upside down.  The Pond was glass clear.

These little goslings are almost "teenagers" now. I wasn't able to get out here sooner to see them when they were tiny.

Another big tournament weekend coming up. This time right in our own "back yard" Oregon City. The weather doesn't look too promising but they will pitch until they get rained out. Praying that doesn't happen though.

Pitching Buddies Joe and Russ Watkins
Kay and Russ are friends of ours. They live in Hillsborro. Last night they came to our home for a visit. Russ and Joe left for a couple of hours to prepare the horseshoe pits for Saturday's tournament, then we ate dinner out followed by a nice evening of cards.
Some things never  cease to amaze me. Like visiting a different church, sing the same song and the music and words are different, or  how the rules change for the same game. The last time they were here we played by their rules so last night we played the same game, but by the rules we learned. There was lots of laughter and the guys are looking forward to pitching together Sat. and Sun. Russ's average is a lot higher than Joe's so they will be in different classes but will still have fun.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Am Truly Blessed

Great Grandson Bronson with his mommy Alyssa and daddy Jesse on his dedication day.

We believe children are a gift from God and after they are born, we dedicate them back to Him.

AND except for two adult grand children that couldn't be there, my whole family was in church Sunday morning for this wonderful celebration.  I am a truly blessed mom, grandma, and great grand mom.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hooking Up The Toad For The First Time In Five Years

Our Malibu hasn't been towed in five years. Today was such a nice day, Joe decided he'd hook it up. But first he had to check all the pins, the welds, the connections, he had to use a little WD-40 on  the telescoping bars

Then air brake cylinder was attached to the brake pedal, the correct fuses removed, and then we did a light check.

Brake lights worked, left signal...............well, the right turn light on the car worked. The the right turn signal...........yep, the left turn signal on the car worked. So we called the service department at B.Young RV where we bought our RV and they made an appointment for Tuesday as soon as Joe gets off work. Some one evidently crossed wired the signal lights.  Good thing we do those light checks huh. 

Our mobile home park is U shaped. Joe took Freeda around the park to get the feeling of it towing the Malibu and every thing seemed just fine.


Just as with every thing else in Joe's life, they bays are all neat and organized. What is he doing at the moment on this nice sun shinny evening? He's outside cleaning the Malibu and Freeda.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quiet Beauty

Tonight Joe is playing Pickleball and all is quiet on the home front. I was sitting out on our patio enjoying the quiet wind chimes and gentle breeze and looking at some of my flowers.  This is Mr. Lincoln's first bloom of the season

These little sweeties are still in shock from being transferred from their pots to the ground.  But with Miracle Grow, water and lots of love, they should be fine.

I told Joe these Dianthus are true sun lovers. They all stretch for the sun.

And this Clematis blossomed out today.It is also  the first one of the season and there are many, more buds on here.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reno Comes Calling

Sunday was a wonderful day. It started out with dropping Joe off at work, hurry back home to get Viola up and ready for the day including her breakfast, then jump back in the car and head to McDonald's for  coffee  with the girlfriend. Then it was off to Sunday School and Church. After church we joined three other Senior couples at Dairy Queen for the $5.00 lunch.We were having so much fun visiting, time got away from me. I just had barely enough time to get home, check on Viola, pick up a few things around the house, before our friends from Nevada called and asked if I was home yet. Whew, that was cutting it close
 Warren and Alycia live on a mountain top in Reno. It is very secluded, quiet and peaceful. At night, it is so clear that it feels like you could reach out and grab one of those shinning stars.
 I asked her if they had garden and the reply was they don't grow rabbit food. It took me a minute but then I remembered all the wild rabbits when we visited them there a few years. Alycia said before they left for Washington, a couple of deer came right up on their porch. Now I don't mind those types of wild life, but when we were there, I opened the sliding patio door and to my surprise there was a very long rattle snake sunning himself on the patio!!!!!!It took me maybe a split second to make it from there to the furtherest corner of the house screaming all the way!!! They couldn't get me out of the corner until the situation had been taken care of.

   They surprised Joe by riding with me to pick him up. So he gave them a quick tour of what he does and then we were off to an early supper at Milwaukie Changs Mongolian Grill The food was soo good. We were there almost two hours eating and catching up with each others "going's on" Then it was back  to our house for a couple of hours of playing Five Crowns, a game we taught them. If you haven't heard of it, it's sort of like Rummy. We said our goodbyes around 11:00PM, they went back to their motel and left for home early this morning.
This morning as we were turning into Miramonte where Joe works, one of the residents was out walking her dog. The resident waved at Joe and apparently said his name. "Sampson" got so excited she tried to wrap her leash around her owners legs.  Joe parked the car and walked over to Sampson and they had the best good morning greeting.  There is a great love relationship between those two. Doesn't it look like Sampson is almost smiling he's so happy???
It's a glorious sun shinny day today. Have a wonderful day where ever you are today or what ever the weather may be.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Have Asked To See The Inside, So Come On In.

Freeda, Cozied up against our house

Our previous Motor home was 32 feet, so we pulled it up to the very edge of the gravel with just enough room to bump the Malibu up to it. We are a one car family now, so the Malibu is parked in the carport.

I have the passenger seat pulled forward as far is it can go. One of the few complaints I have is, I like to push my seat back as far as it will go, but with seat there, it pushes back of the dinette seat forward. Over head, is a Queen size bed. But we felt it wouldn't be safe or practical for that to be our bed.
This little couch  is a feature Joe and I really like. It can be used as a small settee, a single bed or, a 2 person table. For the two of us we will probably use it as the computer table/ dinette table and make the dinette table into a lounge with lots of pillows to watch TV.  In the position it's in now, we have two large shoe boxes stored under the seat.  When we need that area, the boxes can be moved to an outer bay.

Both tables have an interesting concept. There is a lever underneath the table and you can gently push the table top straight down to the seats, and make it into about a 3/4 size bed. There is plenty of storage under both seats and we have two large plastic boxes the full length of the booth on each side. There are cupboards over the dinette too. I have put shoe box size plastic boxes in all of the cupboards exept in the kitchen area.

I will miss my convection/microwave oven, but this little oven will work. I have my crock pot, rice steamer on board also.

Joe used  grip shelving on  every shelf, and drawer. The two things that bother him most when he is driving, is a loose drivers seat and rattles in the cupboards. When we go to RV Shows, the first thing he does is set in the driver's and make sure it's tight, then he goes right to the table to make sure it doesn't wiggle. He's not sure he likes the table in here. The service department tightened it as much as they could so we'll just have to see. 

I was spoiled with our Aerbus. I had double door refrigerator/freezer. but this one is very nice.  One thing we did learn when we were traveling is to be aware of our weight. I use to load that thing with everything out of our house fridge/freezer, and all the pantry items, canned goods and what ever else I could stuff in the cupboards.  Now its travel light with the bare necessities, and shop when we get to the destination.

The shower isn't huge, but we can turn around to get wet all over. I'll put Velcro on the curtain to make it stay close to the shower wall.

And the toidy. They somehow managed to get a little sink in between the shower and the toilet. The little space behind the toilet will hold the toilet paper, but behind that cupboard door are four more shelves just like that one.Just triangle shelves. So I'll put all the toiletries in a plastic box with a lid, and set them in the shower until we arrive at our destination, then set them back up on the shelves, reversing the procedure when we are ready to leave.

And the bed. We have now gone from a King to a full size bed with the corner closest to the bathroom door cut at an angle so the door will open. I just want to say here, that the beautiful, reversable quilt on our bed was a wedding gift from daughter Chris. It goes where ever we go. We've always called these a Bed and Head. I also always said I never wanted one and certainly not one that is right next to the kitchen. Well now we have both. But there isn't much else that can be done with 23', and we wanted 23' with NO slides.  There you have it. Thank you for asking to see what's inside. Tomorrow we take the rig in to have the TV installed on a swing arm. I had to laugh today, poor Joe worked so hard to have the big bay organized with all the things he needs to have in there.  The compressor kit for the tow package is at the very front left corner of that bay.  It has been running off and on day and night since the day we brought it home. ( which makes me a little crazy because I'm a light sleeper and Freeda is parked right under our bedroom window.) So when we told them yesterday what was happening, right away the service guy said it's been wired wrong.  So they are fixing that tomorrow too. Remember a little earlier in this paragrah I said Joe had everything organized........ not now. It's all back out so they can crawl in there to fix it.

Speaking of Joe, Decisions, Decisions. We're in the garden section of  Home Depot. He is doing a landscaping makeover in  front of the house

From this....

To this. If you click on the picture to enlarge it and look down on the patio by the satellite dish, you'll see the flowers that will be going in there.

Viola is still putting puzzles together and reading her books. Then she wants Joe to take a picture of the finished project. 

Supper time. Her favorite thing is TV dinners..... The little Banquet ones. If I'm fixing spaghetti, or pasta and cabbage or something she really likes, she'll have some. And for lunch you ask? She told Joe a few months ago, I don't want lunch. Her lunch consists of her very favorite thing.....a bowl of popcorn. We have had to stress to her the importance of drinking fluids. ( she gets dehydrated so easily and when it comes time for her 3 month Dr. check up, her blood is so thick, the lab can hardly draw it out of her. So she sips on her bottle of water  in the morning and has her bottle of Vita rain or something close to that in the evenings.  For those of you that are new to our blog, Viola is my 98 year old mother in law who lives with us.She'll be 99 in December. Except for  being almost deaf, she is in pretty good health. We are enjoying a few days of beautiful weather and I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.