Monday, April 1, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

We put the pillows on the patio furniture this weekend and brought out the outside decor.

Our two pink dogwood trees are loaded with blooms

You can only see half of it, but the fuchsia hedges are slowly becoming fiery red.
The tulips are in various stages of blooming and the Heather Bushes area beautiful lavender

The blueberry bushes are loaded.  If you are wondering what the purpose of  the cement blocks are, it's to keep the cats from using that area as their own private toilet!!

We attended Easter Sunrise service at 7:00AM, and then had a wonderful breakfast at a local restaurant.  After our regular Sunday Morning church service, we went to a friends house for lunch.

Joe offered to be our chauffeur for a Sunday afternoon drive.

We headed up the Clackamas River.

It is not only known for its good fishing but also

White water rafting and kayaking.

I love the rock walls. So tall and massive. I took the following information from Wikepedia. The Clackamas provides hydroelectric power and drinking water for some of the Portland metropolitan area, and supports runs of Coho salmon, spring and fall Chinook salmon and summer and winter steelhead. The river's old-growth forests, its habitat for several species of birds, its healthy fish runs, and the recreational opportunities that it provides—such as fishing and whitewater rafting—led to the designation of more than half of the length of the river into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System (NWSRS). This environment also allowed Native Americans to settle in the river's basin as early as 10,000 years ago.


  1. Your landscaping is beautiful! <3

  2. Your gardens are beautiful and a great reminder that Spring is definitely on its way.

    Is that a photo of your church - it looks amazing!

    Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. So happy for you.


  3. Spring has really sprung at your house. Such beautiful blooms.

  4. Looks like spring has arrived in your neck of the woods.

  5. What a beautiful area you live in...can't wait to visit the NW!

  6. Your place is definitely busting out with blooms all over. It looks beautiful.

  7. It certainly was a nice weekend, wasn't it. Your place is looking great with all those blossoms and colors.

  8. There is a Magnolia tree here at the park just ready to burst into blooms. I am anxious to see it. And then I can't wait until the Redbuds come out, love that tree. Your place looks really nice and pretty.

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