Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Nice Afternoon at the Trails End Golf Center in Oregon City

Joe thought it would be fun to hit a basket of balls at the driving range this afternoon

He wanted me to give it a try and I decided right away that wasn't my sport of choice

I have always liked to play Putt Putt so thought I'd give it a try

Working on his putting

But after a couple of shots, I found something I enjoy much more. Taking pictures. This Tulip Tree was just gorgeous from Bud to.....

Blossoms to......

Full blooms.


  1. Beautiful photos. Spring has sprung for sure.

  2. I'd much rather take pictures than golf too. :)

  3. A girl after my own heart... Golf courses are wonderful for great photos. Love yours!! Happy Easter.

  4. Beautiful blossoms Spring is finally here! I would rather take a hike than stroll the golf course

  5. Don't do golf either.....but I sure love taking pictures!

    The tulip tree is so pretty!