Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Nice Afternoon at the Trails End Golf Center in Oregon City

Joe thought it would be fun to hit a basket of balls at the driving range this afternoon

He wanted me to give it a try and I decided right away that wasn't my sport of choice

I have always liked to play Putt Putt so thought I'd give it a try

Working on his putting

But after a couple of shots, I found something I enjoy much more. Taking pictures. This Tulip Tree was just gorgeous from Bud to.....

Blossoms to......

Full blooms.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


On Thursdays I take Viola for her weekly hair appointment and during that hour sometimes I just go down to the river and watch what's happening  there. This particular day, this is was I saw. It was pouring down rain. This is truly a hardy Oregonian fisherman...

My Hyacinths are sort of scraggly this year but they sure have a nice fragrance to them.

All twelve of the trumpet daffodils bulbs we purchased last spring bloomed. We will be buying another dozen of them this year at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. The tulips all have buds so it won't be long before they are in bloom also.

The next few pictures show Spring in my neighborhood.

I took this on another Thursday while waiting for Viola. It is the Spirit of Portland Dinner/Cruise Ship,it does its turn around right at the Jefferson St. Boat Ramp/parking lot where I park. We have taken a few dinner cruises on it and one all day cruise from Portland to Astoria, Oregon.
Borrowed from the Internet.
We have also taken a dinner cruise on the Colombia Gorge Stern wheeler out of Cascade Locks, Oregon. The same company owns both ships.

Yesterday we went to one of our favorite places again IKEA. This is the view from our table in the cafeteria. Cascade Station Shopping Center is right at the end of the parking lot. It is serviced by Light Rail, and shuttles from all the hotels and airport. The box stores are huge! We went into Target recently and it felt like a small city.  Joe had his eye on the Carhartt Store so we headed over there after lunch.

I picked these kitchen rugs up at IKEA.That little half round black spot is the end of my bar. I probably should have cropped it out. We are finding quite a few things there for our house.

Wasn't feeling good this morning so I left church early and stopped by Joe's work. He was getting the bus ready for the residents Sunday Drive. This week he took them out in the country above Oregon city. They love  the farm animals and Joe said just as he was rounding a corner, here was a huge camel by the fence right by the road.  Right away I knew it must be Moses the Oregon City Camel The residents really got a kick out of that.

It's nice that I can stop by and say hi to him on the way home from church

I have a hard time getting pictures of these three great grand kids. Their mom took them to the aquarium near us yesterday and snapped their picture while they were in the boat. Thanks Shawna.


OK, anyone that knows me real well knows I'm not very fond of dogs....only from a distance. Its a fear I've had since I was a small girl and I'm still working on getting rid of that fear.  So today, I'm getting a few groceries at Fred Meyers  for Joe's lunches this week and here comes a lady, and her two daughters, down my isle with two BIG white dogs. The handler told me later the one was a Labradoodle and the other one a Standard Poodle. They were on leashes and but they were headed right for me.  I knew by the jackets they were wearing they were dogs in training and not to touch them.  The lady was getting some cans off the shelf and told this dog to sit..... She did. Right in front of me. She didn't move. I swear the whole time she was sitting there she was looking at me with this smile. It never left her face. I got the giggles, and the lady asked me if I wanted to pet her. She said it was OK because she hadn't earned her "do not touch" badge yet.  Well I wasn't thrilled about petting her, but with that look, I took my chances.  That made her pretty happy, she wiggled but she didn't stand up.  Then I asked the lady if I could take her picture.  As they were leaving, the labradoodle turned around and gave me one more smile.... one I'll never forget.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Kind Of Music

What is Joe smiling about this evening? We all have our kinds of music we like. Joe and I happen to like the old hymns of the church vs the newer christian music,we both love Southern Gospel music and we like the old western music vs the new type of Country Western Music. Well this is why Joe is smiling.....

Please excuse the quality of the picture I took it on my iPhone camera off our new Freddie and Sheila Pelletier's DVD "SOUNDS LIKE CHET"   We first met these folks in Southern CA at an RV Park where we were staying. They  were the entertainment one particular evening at the park. We were fortunate to get to hear them a few other times at different parks in CA and AZ.  If you ever get  the opportunity to hear them,  you will enjoy a toe tapping evening of singing, great guitar playing, clogging and even a tune with their kazoos.  This is a link to their site. Fredie and Sheila Pelletier   (Nope, I didn't get paid for this. They probably don't even know I wrote about them)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Resemblance ?

My grandson is always sending me pictures via Instagram of his son Bronson  so when this sweet picture showed up, I smiled " oood and awed " over it, showed Joe and saved it to my great grand kiddo's file..  later in the evening it dawned on me that this picture came from my great nephew. It was a picture of my brother and sister in law's  great grand daughter Rebecca.

This is Bronson, the two are  3rd cousins. He is six weeks older than Rebecca.   Do you see a resemblance or is it just me ..........

Saturday, March 9, 2013

All Is Well

I almost forgot about my Spring Table Decoration. It's hard to believe Easter is only two Sunday's away from tomorrow. March 31st this year.  Joe still has an ugly cough, but has been fever free for almost 2 days now. He was going to go to work tomorrow but our friend, who was the  one  who asked him to apply for the job last year said for him to take another day off and come back on Monday.  That was really nice of her as she has covered most of his sick days  this past week. I see a bouquet of flowers for the girls in the office Monday.
Viola's foot and lower leg seems to be slowly improving and for that we are grateful. She is not one to complain even when Joe has to take care of her foot as the Dr. instructed. I don't know how many of you have to wear knee high compression socks, but they aren't easy to put on. She has to put them on and take them off twice each day so we can apply the medicine. As long as she can do it by her self we let her. She still makes her bed every morning (with all her stuffed animals on it). 
It was a beautiful day today. I opened all the doors and windows that had screens on them to let out the "sick bugs" and let in the fresh air. All  the Daffi's are in bloom now thanks to Mr. Sun.  I was going to sit outside and read, but decided I wanted  to wipe down the patio furniture first. Joe wanted to walk around the park this afternoon to get some of his strength back so we did that instead.  Tomorrow I am going to leave the both of them at home and go to church.   I made meat loaf muffins this evening ( meat loaf in a muffin tin) with Red Potatoes served with Brown gravy. Actually after they were done, I put the meat muffins in a casserole dish along with the red spuds and poured the brown gravy over the top.  Corn and a green salad completed the meal. So tomorrow when I get home from church I can just pop the left overs in the oven for lunch.
For those that need to, don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. Have a wonderful Sunday. I know I will.

Friday, March 8, 2013

More Good News

I had Viola at the Hospital to have a ultra sound on her leg at 9:30 this morning. Good news is they didn't see a blood clot. Less than an hour after we were home, she and her sister were headed out to a local assisted living home to a birthday party for a mutual friend. 

Joe is on the mend. and if he can keep his temperature at the normal level he can return to work on  Sunday. 

I borrowed this from the internet
Tomorrow and Sunday are suppose to be sunny and clear.  I am thinking about sitting out on the patio and reading in the afternoon.  Joe will stay inside because the BNP Paribas Open is going on at the tennis gardens in Indian Wells, Ca.  Joe played tennis before pickle ball came along.  He volunteered at the tennis gardens while we were still going South for the winter.  After the the games were over the volunteers were invited to an afternoon of playing on the outer courts, followed by a nice buffet.  Someday he hopes to be volunteering there again.  It is very cold there this evening and he remembers the nights he had night duty.  At their orientation they were given a nice jacket, shirt and cap and a $10 meal ticket per day, and all the soda and water they could drink. When not on duty they could watch as many matches as they wanted, and were also given a free guest pass. I went once, but it was usually too hot for me during the day and too cold at night and also we didn't want to leave Viola alone in the motor home.   So until the 17th, unless he is working, Joe will pretty much be glued to the Tennis Channel and ESPN 2

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good News - Bad News

This was grand daughter's first attempt at painting on canvas with a little help on touch up by teacher at Master School of Arts. 
 Good news is, Joe is feeling a bit better today. The antibiotics are kicking in and he ate a poached egg and half a banana for breakfast, and  bread and milk (?) for lunch. He really gave me a fright during the night because he would quit breathing for a few seconds and as soon as I would touch him he'd start breathing again.  He does have sleep apnea but has been way to sick to wear his mask for five days now.  He told me this morning he thinks he'll be able to put it  back on tonight. (whew!!!)

What do you think this is? OK,  I'll tell you. It was the ice on my daughter in law's car when she got in it to go to work this morning. Beautiful huh.
Bad news is, Viola has a serious infection on her foot.She told the DR. she thinks a bug bit her. It looked so bad, the Dr. looked at me with that "I don't think so look" and ordered an x-ray to see if a bone in her foot was  broken. The x rays showed no broken bones so  Dr. put her on antibiotics and she also did blood work to rule out a blood clot.  We just got a call from her Dr. and the lab results indicated a need for an ultra sound on that leg. So we'll do that tomorrow. I guess the upside of this is they are both getting their illnesses out of the way at the same time. The down side of that is I get so busy caring for them I forget to take care of my self.  When I got home this afternoon I realized I hadn't taken my daily meds. Which included the diabetes meds.( Not insulin but Metformin) I took them right away and all is well now. I've decided I'll take care of ME first. I'm the first one up in the mornings and I'll eat and take the meds while it's still quiet.
It feels good to just be sitting here doing nothing. I look across the room and my Joe is sitting up in his chair enjoying watching the Brady Bunch.His temperature is normal again. He said mashed potatoes and some soft carrots sounded good for supper. That feels good too. We had a good talk about him not doing to much too fast. Don't want him to relapseHe has to keep the temperature normal from now to Saturday if he wants to go back to work on Sunday. Sure doesn't want to expose any of the residents to this bug.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Bug Came Knocking and Walked Right In

The little Jonquils have arrived

And the daffodils are not far behind.  This is a short blog. Joe is sick. This bug started out with a sore throat, then terrible coughing, and a nose that runs so much a faucet handle would have helped. This has been going on since last Thursday eve. I was up all night with him last night .This morning we were blessed to get a 9:30 appointment with his Dr. who put him on antibiotics and cough syrup with Codeine.  I can see a difference all ready tonight. This is good because tomorrow is  a busy day. It's shower day for Joe's mom, then a Dr. appointment for her, followed by her weekly hair appointment.  So far, we have been able to keep the bug away from her and at 98 years of age that's a good thing.  I'm looking forward to Friday and Saturday here. It's suppose to be sunny and in the high 50's.

Friday, March 1, 2013

GG's Kids and a Wildlife Preserve

I don't see these little tigers as often as I would like. CJ is in the 2nd grade, Dylan is in Kindergarten and Tyler is busy all the time. Their mommy is my oldest  grandchild.
Yesterday grand daughter Kim gave me a call and asked if we could meet her and the princess at Wendy's. Of course that was a big YES. 
She loves her GG.
Viola spent the day with her sister and brother today and Joe had a surprise for me. First we went to Wichita Feed and Hardware not too far from where we live. This is what I saw when we stepped inside. I have never seen so much "stuff" in my life. This little store has wooden floors, and has been in business since 1947.  Why did we go there?  To get cracked corn to feed the ducks?

He has been telling me about this park near Miramont Pointe where he works that they take the residents to go for walks a couple times a week. This was my surprise. Today WE took that walk.  On a real board walk through wetlands.


It was a beautiful walk. Cool but not raining. I could hear birds singing but couldn't see them.

In the middle of the wetlands, was this pond  and ducks every where.  We started feeding them the corn. We had a lot of laughs watching them "standing on their heads" in the water getting the food.

While we were there this sweet little 3 1/2 year old girl with her mommy came to see the ducks. She told us she sits on the steps with mom to watch the ducks.  Can you imagine her delight when Joe asked mom if he could give the rest of the corn in the paper bag to her to feed the ducks.  When we left, sure enough, she was sitting on the steps, this time, feeding those ducks.

I love what looks like dried moss on the trees. Can anyone tell me what the name of it is?  I asked Joe to bring me back again when the trees have their leaves and  the marsh has woken from it's winter sleep.  I'm sure it will look different.

Just a gentle little stream

Don't know what these are either, but  it was something pretty to look at.

Quiet, still water.

We felt a little bad when we got to the other side of the pond because when I started feeding some of the ducks there, the rest of them came from the other side where the little girl was enjoying feeding them her corn.  So we didn't stay very long.

Sometimes I hear that  they see Joe in the pictures but not me very often.  There is a good reason for that.  I'm taking the pictures. I gave the camera/iPhone to Joe today and some of these pictures are his.

I just couldn't get enough of this beautiful boardwalk.

As we were nearing the end of the walk, we kept hearing a beautiful bird song that sort of sounded like "Pretty Bird",  "Pretty Bird"  But we couldn't see the bird.  Then Joe said look up.  There is the music maker.  Do you see  it?

I thought the root system of this tree was very interesting.
Our car is parked close to the playgrounds and we saw this interesting swing.  It is an adult safety swing. So Joe tried it out and we both had a giggling good time. What a wonderful thing to have for an older handicapped  child or adult to be able to swing.  I remember one time when we were in Tombstone, there was an old fashioned swing we were able to help Joe's mom Viola, who was 93 at the time, to sit in it and swing a little bit but it wasn't  safe.  This is a safe swing.  Unfortunately, someone has vandalized it by cutting off the extra  the safety straps.  I really hope the parks system can fix it soon.