Friday, February 8, 2013

Sleeping with both eyes shut tonight...

I was using my hairdryer a few months ago  and smoke started filtering out the outlet. I quickly shut off the  dryer. We knew something needed to be done, but rewiring the whole mobile home wasn't an option. It would have cost more than it was worth.  So we hired an electrician to put  a "band aid" on the  problem until we could save up enough to have the pigtails put on.

At 7:30 AM this morning this white van drove up in front of our house with Jay Bentley at the wheel, ready to go to work. Our Mobile home is a 1968. Back then, all the wiring was aluminum. Not even up to code these days.  So every outlet, every light switch, now have copper pigtails,

All the fluorescent and ballasts were replaced with the latest up to code ones

Busy at work, not even taking a break. Jay had help today, Kevin did the wall switches and outlets, Jay did the ladder work and Joe.......well he was the gopher and he moved all the furniture out and back.

Jay also pigtailed all the outdoor plugs, fixed the porch lights and the yard light at the end of the awning. It stayed on 24/7. Now it goes off at day light.

This was the original light fixture in the dining room. I accidentally broke one of the glass fixtures on it and we could not find a replacement. I didn't like how it looked hanging from the ceiling anyway sooo..

Now we have a new light fixture. We also replaced the hanging lights in Viola's bathroom with a 4 light bar over the mirror. She also has new "daylight" florescents" in her bedroom which makes it much easier for her to see to work on her puzzles and read her books.
So now you understand why we will sleep with both eyes shut tonight. Working smoke alarms, and safe wiring. Thank you Jay Bentley for coming all the way from the Gaston area (almost an hours drive) to make our home safer.



  1. Good for you. Glad you can now sleep without worrying and much safer.

  2. Sure glad you got that fixed, Betty. I lived in a mobile home that had aluminum wiring and the plug in by the bed almost caught on was all black and scorched inside. Those things can really be bad.

  3. I'm glad you got that problem fixed. Now you can worry about something else at night!!! (hehe)

  4. Glad it's fixed. I don't know about this stuff, only that aluminum wiring is bad. Why don't you have to run all new wires? Just curious. Love the new fixture. It's very similar to the one we have over our dining table.

  5. Better safe than sorry - good job!

  6. I love the new lights, I bet you are glad that is all fixed now. You just cant fool around with electrical things.

  7. I have just been catching up on my blog reading and read over the last several of your posts. It is amazing how the Lord sustains us and takes us THROUGH our trials instead of lifting us out of them. Your new light is beautiful!
    You also have a very talented family!