Saturday, February 9, 2013

Serenading Mom and Grandma

Joe's son Rob came down from his home in Washington state to attend the Celebration of Life for their friend Dennis Mills. It was a beautiful time of rememberance for this special man. Joe is not one to speak in public, but he wrote his thoughts down on paper and did very well when it was his turn to speak.  

Rob had recently purchased a new trombone and surprised his dad by bringing it with him. Grandma Vi adores  her "Robby Boy" and to have the two playing music for her  was a really special treat

Of  course Joe was drooling over Rob's Bach Trombone. And drooling and blowing doesn't work too well.....
This is Joe's newest "pickleball" shirt.... a gift from Rob

Along with a new bag, another shirt and two paddle covers.  Thank you Rob.


  1. So glad grammy had a chance to enjoy an impromptu jam session!!! Happy Sunday!

  2. My son also has serenaded his grandparents with his trumpet. How special are those little performances!