Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pirates and Mermaids

Monday evening we stopped by the aquarium to meet the Pirate and.........
the Mermaid.

This afternoon I stopped by Papa Murphy's because I had heard they have Calzones. Sure enough they did. And it was HUGE. Joe doesn't care for mushrooms or olives so I had the gal do a half and half. With some olives on one half Joe would know which half was his.  We couldn't even eat half of our halves So, left overs with a salad tomorrow night.

Forty Seven years ago February 27th, I gave birth to this little cutie. Happy Birthday Son.


  1. Joe looks like he's not quite sure of that mermaid!! Hope your son had a wonderful birthday. My "baby" son turned 40 on the 24th. Where do the years go?

  2. I just made calzones on Saturday. We love them too.

  3. We have never been to a real home and garden show, I guess now that I'm retired it's one of those things we can do, looks like you had a good time.

  4. I was going to say that you didn't look too happy with your pirate but the mermaid at least had her arm around Joe. :-) It's amazing the jobs some people have.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your baby!! Only we mothers always think of them as "the kids" even when they are nearly a half century old.

  5. Thank you so much mom <3

    Although I am cringing at the “nearly a half century old” comment :-P

    Having 5 kids of my own to support, my birthday is being spent at work in the office like any other day.
    But you are always welcome to think of me as your baby
    Luv ya Lots and thank you again !

  6. A pirate and a mermaid - now that could make for some good stories. Your son is such a cutie. Amazing now they grow up on us and we don't get any older.

  7. Looked like it was a fun day at the aquarium and a tasty day at Papa Murphy's.