Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pirates and Mermaids

Monday evening we stopped by the aquarium to meet the Pirate and.........
the Mermaid.

This afternoon I stopped by Papa Murphy's because I had heard they have Calzones. Sure enough they did. And it was HUGE. Joe doesn't care for mushrooms or olives so I had the gal do a half and half. With some olives on one half Joe would know which half was his.  We couldn't even eat half of our halves So, left overs with a salad tomorrow night.

Forty Seven years ago February 27th, I gave birth to this little cutie. Happy Birthday Son.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Birds and Beds

These past few days have been busy ones for us. Thursday we spent a few hours at Portland's Home and Garden Show. I'm not good at estimating feet, but Joe said that table behind us was 12-15 feet long made out of a log. It was huge and beautiful.

We're  always more interested in the garden part of the show than the home building/improvement part. There were a lot of duplicate vendors there. 

This landscaped waterfall was one of my favorites.

This is Pianist Charles Suniga . We met Charles about five years ago when he was hired by a friend of ours to provide dinner music for his wife's birthday party. He has a very peaceful, unique style. We were in another part of the building when I heard the piano. I told Joe I thought I recognized it and we started following the music . Sure enough here was Charles. It was good to see him again. He plays for a lot of the commercial shows and also plays in front of Nordstroms, and out at the airport. I think we have most of his CD's

This is our good friend David.  We invited him to hang out with us at the Home and Garden Show. Following the  show, we took him to Yaws Restaurant for a surprise (to him) birthday lunch.

Granddaughter came for a sleep over shortly after we got home from the show. We would be taking her to the Aquarium for an early birthday. One of her favorite things is to let grandpa brush  her hair. It brought back memories for him because he use to brush his daughter's hair too.

Watson was showing off his colors
These are Lorikeets she is feeding. Special food for the birds can be purchased right there. The Aviary is a two door system. She enters the first door and an employee closes it, Then opens the 2nd door in to the the Aviary.

Bob had been watching granddaughter interact with the Lorikeets for a few hours and decided to do something he rarely does......he put Watson on her shoulder!  What a special thing for her.

This is the "bed" referred to in my title. We purchased a new Serta Gel Foam bed and box spring from American Mattress Co. at the Home and Garden Show. We have never had a NEW bed. Included in the package deal were two pillows of our choice. Joe chose the Serta gel foam scrunch pillow and I chose the orthopedic pillow for the neck issues I have.  With the electrical issues fixed and a new bed, we are sleeping so much better.

As an after thought, we have been having a craving for the sweet Oranges we get from Bakersfield, CA. So today I ordered another box and they should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. We have such fond memories of our times at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield. Parked by our own little orange tree that we could have access to if they were in season.We never took more than we could eat that day, but before we left, we'd go to the warehouse/fruit store next door and by a box to take with us. And each year since have been  ordering them on line or by phone.  The 20# box of 36 oranges is only $14.25 but shipping it to Oregon  is almost double that. But it is sooooo worth it. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Signs of Spring in Milwaukie, Oregon

With grey skies and rain it doesn't look like Spring is on the way but our dogwood trees out front are pushing
The little blue bells around the base of the trees are sticking their head up out of their beds,
Rain drops cling to the Lace Leaf Maple branches

The Heather is in bloom (with a few stray blue bells trying to grow in there) It's hard to get rid of those little blue bells. You think you have the little bulb and root system out but come Spring,...Surprise.

And not to be out done, all the tulips and daffodils we replanted are shooting up. We look forward to going to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival each year and adding more bulbs to our flower beds.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Meet the newest member of our family. JoJo.. Never barks, never have to walk, feed or clean up after him. When we start traveling again, he will go with us.  
During the winter months in Oregon we don't see much of this. So, on a day when it is blue skys and sunshine,......
You will find Joe outside, grooming flower beds, trimming roses, pulling weeds, what ever needs to be done.
Last night we chose Sayler's Old Country Kitchen for our Valentine Dinner Date. We knew when we went there, there would be a very long wait. They do not take reservations. But the meal is so worth waiting for. When we signed in we were told and hour and 45 minutes. There was a couple standing right next to us that we clicked with right away. So for the next 15 minutes we visited and found out we had so much in common, Church, people we knew, travel etc. They had very common names as we do. Stan and Ethel......Joe and Betty. Stan checked on how much longer it would be for them to be seated. (He had been there since 5:30 and it was now almost 7:00pm. He was told they were next. He returned and told us he knew it was a night for a romantic dinner, but if we would join them at their table we wouldn't have to be standing for at least another hour waiting for our table. We had such a fun time with them, getting better acquainted and for sure will be visiting again soon. Thank you Stan and Ethel.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Serenading Mom and Grandma

Joe's son Rob came down from his home in Washington state to attend the Celebration of Life for their friend Dennis Mills. It was a beautiful time of rememberance for this special man. Joe is not one to speak in public, but he wrote his thoughts down on paper and did very well when it was his turn to speak.  

Rob had recently purchased a new trombone and surprised his dad by bringing it with him. Grandma Vi adores  her "Robby Boy" and to have the two playing music for her  was a really special treat

Of  course Joe was drooling over Rob's Bach Trombone. And drooling and blowing doesn't work too well.....
This is Joe's newest "pickleball" shirt.... a gift from Rob

Along with a new bag, another shirt and two paddle covers.  Thank you Rob.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sleeping with both eyes shut tonight...

I was using my hairdryer a few months ago  and smoke started filtering out the outlet. I quickly shut off the  dryer. We knew something needed to be done, but rewiring the whole mobile home wasn't an option. It would have cost more than it was worth.  So we hired an electrician to put  a "band aid" on the  problem until we could save up enough to have the pigtails put on.

At 7:30 AM this morning this white van drove up in front of our house with Jay Bentley at the wheel, ready to go to work. Our Mobile home is a 1968. Back then, all the wiring was aluminum. Not even up to code these days.  So every outlet, every light switch, now have copper pigtails,

All the fluorescent and ballasts were replaced with the latest up to code ones

Busy at work, not even taking a break. Jay had help today, Kevin did the wall switches and outlets, Jay did the ladder work and Joe.......well he was the gopher and he moved all the furniture out and back.

Jay also pigtailed all the outdoor plugs, fixed the porch lights and the yard light at the end of the awning. It stayed on 24/7. Now it goes off at day light.

This was the original light fixture in the dining room. I accidentally broke one of the glass fixtures on it and we could not find a replacement. I didn't like how it looked hanging from the ceiling anyway sooo..

Now we have a new light fixture. We also replaced the hanging lights in Viola's bathroom with a 4 light bar over the mirror. She also has new "daylight" florescents" in her bedroom which makes it much easier for her to see to work on her puzzles and read her books.
So now you understand why we will sleep with both eyes shut tonight. Working smoke alarms, and safe wiring. Thank you Jay Bentley for coming all the way from the Gaston area (almost an hours drive) to make our home safer.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Something to keep my ears and neck warm

I'm not good at taking pictures of my self, but I am so excited about my new hood/cowl. Bobbie of http://chappytrails.blogspot.com/ posted a picture of the one she had just finished and I fell in love with it. So I contacted her and asked if I could pay her to make me one.  This arrived in the mail this morning. My jacket has an attached hood, but it doesn't keep my neck and ears warm when I'm walking. So thank you again Bobbie, you did a beautiful job. I am so proud of my new hood/cowl and I say back to you "Remember you are loved".

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day Trip to Florence and a Damper on the Game

Helping Viola decided what to have for lunch.
Saturday morning I was up early, had Viola fed and ready for the day, and Joe came out of the bedroom and said let's go for a ride to the beach. We called our friend Ruthie and asked her if she wanted to go with us.  Then I called our friend Donna  of  Travels in Therapy  because I knew she was familiar with Florence, Oregon and that was our destination for the day. I wanted her to give me  a couple of ideas of where to eat.  She suggested The Blue Hen. So I got the address and added to our GPS, we put Viola in the passenger seat up front, and Ruthie and I in the back, and off we went. When we got to Lincoln City, it was nice. Not really warm but then we were out for a drive, not a hike.  By the time we got to Newport, my sugar had dropped to 63. I had my snacks with me but it didn't help. ( I need to keep Glucose tabs with me) We had to eat quick.  So we stopped at the Chalet Restaurant and had a really nice lunch. I had a Spinach,Cheese and Bacon Quiche plate which included fresh fruit and TWO home made cranberry/orange muffins. So I got to have one of them for breakfast this morning.

We stopped just beyond Whale's Cove to stretch or legs and I captured these views of the ocean.

 Joe drove Greyhound on  Highway 101 as far South as Eureka, CA and this was one of his favorite views of the ocean. 
This was the snack table for the Super Bowl. The game lost all of it's fun for us when we received a message that Joe's dear friend passed away about 1:30 this afternoon. Will you please keep Joe in your thoughts and prayers.  And also for the families of these two dear people.  Two friends in less than a week is so difficult for the both of us.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Floods and Fire, Joy and Strength

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you". Isaiah 43:2NAS  The Lord doesn't promise us that life will always be a bowl of cherries, although that seems like it would be a good thing at the moment. What I see in that passage of scripture is there will be troubled waters and even fire. But I also see that He promises He will be with me during those times. I am so thankful for that. This has been an especially difficult week for Joe and I. A dear friend from our little church passed away Monday Eve. The next morning we received heartbreaking news that one of Joe's closest friends was in ICU in very critical condition with a virus that attacked his liver and now his kidneys are shutting down. So sad. Joe met his friend's daughter at the hospital, and was able to spend a little time with him, even though he is unresponsive. But today, my heart was flooded with "sunshine".....this little sunshine. Yes, three year old Princess Emily came to visit her GG. She is growing so fast and such a drama queen! Her momma bought her a little fan at the dollar store and as soon as she was inside, she said "Look GG I have a new fan, O.K. take my picture and immediately struck this pose" She sang for us, danced for us and was just plain funny at times. Laughing felt sooo good.
More happy news, mommy has a new job,sounds like daddy will have one in the near future and they now have a reliable car so they can come see GG more often.

Isn't it amazing how the love of a little one can turn sadness into happiness?

And it only gets better!! Tonight was the Master School of Arts Review. This little grand daughter danced, sang, and had art work on display. We are standing by one of her brothers paintings. Her dad made the frame for it.

It's difficult to see in this picture but one of the grandsons,  is doing a demonstration of Tae kwon do and had  just broke a board with his bare foot.  If you look close, half the board went right in front of the instructors face, but didn't hit her. Whew! He is a green belt.
She loves to sing and dance and is singing a solo part. It's hard to take pictures when your eyes are leaking...

I looked up and realized yet another grandson was the pianist for the final song of the evening. I'm telling ya, I was standing up against the wall taking the pictures, and looked over at the row my family was sitting on.. My two sons, daughter in law a grandson and granddaughter, and four more grand kids participating in the review. My eyes could no longer contain the water and they started leaking.....tears of joy,  Even when we hurt we can be happy.  Truly "the joy of the Lord is my strength" during these trying times.

Baby Bronson is growing like a weed. He'll be 3 months old on the 14th. He loves to sit on mommy or daddy's lap and watch them play cards

And how about this. Joe brought Viola out to see Mr. Bronson. This was her first time to see him. The old and the new. There is four generations there.

Our precious pastor's wife, Kathleen, turned 90 this week. Her family gave her a beautiful birthday party at Xavier's Restaurant in Gresham. What a beautiful tribute to this sweet, gentle lady.  We had a big laugh, when it came time to blow out her candles on her birthday cake.... there were 2 candles.  A large 9 and a 0.  she didn't have enough wind to blow it out on the first try..... so she just gently picked the candle up off the cake and blew it out. That got a room full of laughter so she did it with the second one also.

We received a gift certificate to the Cadillac Cafe from Joe's boss for Christmas. So this morning we took advantage of it  It was just great. Good food, Good Service... we'll be back again.

It is hard to see it in this picture but there is a full size pink Cadillac behind this window inside the restaurant. I just proofed this before posting and we are truly blessed.  This is just MY side of the family. Joe's side is also full of talents. Some of the kiddos are involved in Boy Scouts, some in drama and music, some in sports.. Blended families are wonderful, in our case anyway.