Monday, January 21, 2013

Music To Our Ears

I always enjoy going with Joe to the symphony because I get to see him work, and see why the residents think so much of him.  He sure pampers them.
I had time on my hands while Joe was getting ready to go, so I took these pictures of the fountain out front. It was about 2:00pm.  It was sure cold out there.
The Lord's handiwork is so beautiful!

I took these during intermission. The colors are moving with the music tonight.

Ninety Five year old Norman Leyden was guest of honor last night. He was escorted on stage, saluting with his clarinet in hand, and helped to a stool right by the conductor . He played some of the Glen Miller songs with the orchestra.  Some of us were amazed and in awe  that at that age, he still had the  " wind" to play that instrument!
Just wondering how many of use still use these wonderful warmers.  Poor Joe's circulation isn't all that great and there are nights when he just can't get warm. And when he crawls into bed, it's like curling up with a snow man.  So in self defense I filled the old hot water bottle and  he's sitting here watching tennis and trying to get warm. the house isn't  cold. It's 70 in the living room.
I think if it warms up to the 40's Wednesday, I'll take Viola to APAC.  At 98 it's just not a good thing to have her out breathing the cold air.  For those of you who don't know what APAC is, it's a respite care program for the caregivers. She goes each Wed. from 12:30 to 4:00pm.They have music therapy, pet therapy, crafts, a snack and exercises that can be done from their chairs. It is also a time for them to socialize with each other. 
Joe and I are looking forward to going to the Portland International Auto Show at the Oregon Convention Center on Friday. I take my Nook and when I get tired of looking or walking, I sit and read. I do the same thing at the RV Shows. Going up and down the stairs of those rigs. These old hips just "ain't what they use to be"  Have a great rest of the week.


  1. Boy with temps below 40 for a long time I'm cold too. I get chilled to the bone and it's hard to get warm I wrap the electric blanket around me on low unless I have a good old woodstove to sit by. Nothing warms the bones like a woodstove. Hope Joe gets warm.

  2. Ah, the symphony and Norman Leyden, brings back good memories of our years in Oregon.

    Have you ever seen Pink Martini play with the symphony? Love them!

  3. So glad you got to go with Joe and enjoy the symphony. Cute picture of him with his personal heater!!

  4. That symphony must have been something. Glad you and Joe had the chance to go.

  5. Joe's invited to come swim in our pool, but he might want to bring a much bigger hot water bottle. LOL