Saturday, November 24, 2012

A walk in Marymoor off leash dog park

I could easily talk about how wonderful Thanksgiving dinner was and how wonderful it was to be with family, that is all so true, but I decided this evening I would rather talk about a walk in the park. Marymoor Park is right across the highway from where Joe's daughter and family live. They asked us if we would like to go for an hour long walk with them and their dog Gage.   The dog park is 40 acres.  This is a link to the park.  Marymoor Off Leash Dog Park

Gage remembers this little friend.

Now I need to tell you, since I was a very young girl, I have had an unhealthy fear of dogs of any kind big or small.   I brought this on all by myself because I didn't know you don't go near a new mommy dog and try to pick up her puppies.  And that is what I did. Promptly a  very large ( to a little girl) German Shepherd came at me with her teeth bared and took a chunk out of my inner thigh.  Need I say more.....

Before we left for the park, son in law Hoi, talked to me about my fear and explained that the dogs were more interested in each other than me. He told me how to stand when we weren't walking so I wouldn't get knocked over by a fast running larger dog, and off we went to the park. It was  really unnerving to me, but after a few minutes, I found I was really enjoying watching the dogs play and racing around with each other.  I think about every breed of dog I had ever heard of was in that park.

Kelly and her dad

Give me a camera and I go a little nuts...I didn't want to carry my Nikon around so I just used my IPhone camera. These next few pictures were all taken from the dog path we walked.

There are a lot of Holly trees in the park

This windmill along the slough,is   modeled after windmills James and Anna Clise had enjoyed in Holland. Taken from an article I Googled)

There were many huge trees along the path but this one really caught my eye, and it smelled sooooo good.

Part of Sammamish the  Slough

Before heading for home yesterday, we went to the Sumner Cemetery where my mom, brother, son and other family members are buried.  On the way there, you have to cross a bridge over the Stuck River in Sumner, Washington.  Now this isn't just any bridge. Right after Thanksgiving the bridge is decorated with lights, and then closed for a three hour celebration.  At the end of the bridge is    The Old Cannery Furniture Store
 Now this isn't just any furniture store. I can't even began to describe it to you. You have to experience it. So fun to shop in there.  And for every occasion, they turn the parking lot into a picnic area and offer free hot dogs and soda.  But at Christmas time, it is a very special, pretty place.

This real sand castle was in the parking lot at the Cannery. I called my sister and told her she really needed to come see it.  Her reply was "It's still there?"  They built that Labor Day Weekend!!!!  It's beyond me how they have kept it in such beautiful condition in this rainy Washington Weather.

And more blooms.
These next few weeks at the Graffis house are so full of shopping, surprise birthday parties, concerts, Church Ladies Christmas Supper, dinner with friends...and the list goes on.  I choose to take this time of year to take life one day at a time. I will get up in the morning and have quiet time just for Betty before I start my day, eat right, exercise and be thankful for how good God is all the time!