Saturday, November 17, 2012

In The Mood

This afternoon, Joe had a date to go see the Musical Revue,  In the Mood  at the Schnitzer Hall. They will begin their Tour again in January 2013 and if they ever come to you area, I highly recommend them for an afternoon or evening of entertainment. I love driving, or rather riding through down town  Portland. Joe is the best chauffeur a girl could have. As you can tell it was really raining hard. Traffic was at a standstill at times, because The Nutcracker was performing at the same time at the Keller Auditorium which is close to the Schnitzer.  We were fortunate to find ANY parking at all. So we gratefully paid the $8.00 without complaining. A couple of the pictures are dark because of the lighting, or the lack there of and we were using or iPhone camera. Clicking on the picture to enlarge makes them clearer. 

We got there early because we knew traffic would be a mess and didn't want to be late. Our seats were near the back, on the right side of the auditorium, but unless a very large person or one with a  tall hat, sat in front of us, we don't think there are really any "bad" seats in this auditorium. My only complaint would have been there isn't much leg room and I really needed to stretch my legs.  So during intermission, we moved to an area where there were plenty of empty seats.

Joe took these pictures during intermission. This is the view to our left. We agreed this was the best  musical we have been to in a few years. There wasn't a song we didn't know!

And to end tonight's blog, here is week two of my Cactus Blooms.  They are getting more beautiful. I can't believe I am having such success this year with this plant.