Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Restaurant, Music, and a Cactus

We have a favorite restaurant near us.  Tebos  We have been eating there for over 25 years. If you click on Tebos, then click on history.  Quite a story.

We enjoy Southern Gospel music and Friday night we had the opportunity to hear The Liberty Quartet in Concert at Central Nazarene Church in Portland. 

We are going to spend Thanksgiving with Joe's daughter Kelly and family in Redmond, Washington. He got a phone call from her asking  if he will  bring his trombone and play some music with granddaughter Jo who is playing the...............Tuba :)  I don't doubt her musical talents at all, she also plays the piano, it's just that she is so... petite and that is such a big instrument.  So he's brushing up on his Christmas music. I even sat down to the keyboard and accompanied him.  Haven't done that in a long time.

And an update on the Christmas Cactus. This is just one corner of the little plant.  I'm so tickled because I've never been able to get one to bloom.  I think it's the Miracle Grow.
There is some exciting news happening around here tonight.....I can hardly wait to share with you tomorrow.